Jamie Turner and Henry J. Evans

Top authors discuss brands, business, and leadership. Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author and national TV news contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, InterContinental Hotels Group and…



About Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, speaker and CNN contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, CNN and other global brands tackle complex marketing problems. He is the CEO of SIXTY, a marketing consultancy and advisory firm that has worked with The Coca-Cola Company, Holiday Inn, SAP and others. He is also the CEO of 60SecondMarketer.com a business blog that is read by tens of thousands of people around the globe. Jamie is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on the topics of social media, mobile marketing and branding. He is the co-author ofGo Mobile, which was the #1 best-selling mobile marketing book on Amazon when it was first released, and How to Make Money with Social Media, which has just been released in its second edition.


About Henry J. Evans

Henry J. EvansHenry J. Evans is the founder of Get Clear Marketing and the author of the Triple Double Blueprint. He’s an entrepreneur, best-selling author of The Hour A Day Entrepreneur, speaker, husband and father to two wonderful girls. He has been successful on the front lines and in leadership capacities in software companies, hardware companies, commercial real estate firms, and manufacturing organizations. He’s successfully marketed and sold everything from newspapers to office buildings, kitchen remodeling to enterprise software licenses, and cutlery to tactical targets. He has had responsibility for generating over $15,000,000 in sales and has engineered a $189,000 payday in 90 minutes. His experience spans from the heart of Washington, D.C., successfully working with clients such as the US Department of Labor and Executive Office of the President of the United States, down to working with the highest rated day spa in all of San Diego county.

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