Linda Babulic & Debra Banks

Success expert Linda Babulic and business consult embracing numbers Debra Banks


About Linda Babulic

Linda BabulicLinda Babulic, a best-selling author, is ‘that’ woman… the guest you want to sit next to at a dinner party, the speaker who captures your attention, the coach who tailors your solution and makes it all about you, just when it matters most. From one-on-one consults, to workshops, keynote speeches and books, Linda addresses our growing need for connection and validation. Her flagship “ZEST” program promotes and serves anyone seeking greater meaning, deeper understanding and the kind of joy that comes from the heart. Linda describes living a truly zesty life as Zeroing-in (on your dreams), Expecting (to receive all you deserve), achieving Success (as you define it), and Transcending (to your higher self). She has spent over 30 years helping people to awaken, develop and actualize their inner wisdom, so that they can create the life they really want and live in the ZEST zone.

About Debra Banks

Debra BanksDebra Banks is the owner and Lead Business Consultant at TNC Business Consulting, where TNC stands for The Numbers Count. Debra brings skills and experience from both her formal education and her lessons from the school of hard knocks. She supports businesses in improving operations and increasing profits by making the numbers count for their business success. Debra is an author and speaker and informs her audiences how to embrace the numbers to make their businesses thrive. Her favorite motto comes from that famous movie line with the cry out to “Show me the money”. To that Debra says, “If you want me to show you the money, then you need to show me the numbers.”

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