Mark Dohnalek and Phillip Hatfield

CEO of Pivot International Mark Dohnalek and Life Coach and Author Phillip Hatfield


About Mark Dohnalek

Mark DohnalekMark Dohnalek is the president and CEO of Pivot International, the single source for global product development, engineering & manufacturing partner for over 40 years. Pivot International has over 300 employees in the US, Taiwan, China, London and Manila. Mark leads Pivot International’s global core business and acquisitions in the US, UK and Asia utilizing his experience of over 30 years in manufacturing, product development and business management. His broad spectrum of experiences in manufacturing, engineering, biometric, security, industrial consumer, and medical product solutions have enabled him to grow the company and expand in European and Asian markets. Since he acquired Pivot in 2012, he has leveraged his business experience and passion for innovation to develop, engineer and manufacture solutions for clients in various industries.


About Phillip Hatfield

Phillip HatfieldPhillip Hatfield is a professional speaker, business and life coach, and author of three books including his newest “Be the Transformation” and “Contagious Encouragement”. Phillip was personally mentored by Zig Ziglar for more than 35 years where he wound up on Zig Ziglar’s speaking and coaching team. He has learned to surround himself with Great people and to Get a Plan, work his plan and “Get UP’ and get Back in the game after being KNOCKED Down. Phillip has learned to OVERCOME almost ANY OBSTACLE in Life & Business. Phillip is an amputee from a devastating accident on November 9, 2008. He was not expected to live and almost died Seven (7) times in the first ten days. He KNOWS what it is like to have the fight of his life and “FIGHT to LIVE”.


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