Overcoming Fear is Required for Growth

I talk to many people about what it takes to be successful. Since I focus on the importance of developing curiosity, I often get questioned about whether I have ever had to overcome fear in my quest to learn new things. I think everyone experiences fear. The real question is whether we let it keep us from exploring opportunities. Currently, I am a radio host, speaker, and author. In every job, there is a day one where we must do the job for the very first time. I can remember many of those days well. I thought it might be fun to look back at the first moments (short clips) of recordings from some of the things I did that could have easily intimidated me to the point where I might have let fear overcome my desire to do the thing that ended up helping me grow and develop my curiosity.

First Interview: Billionaire Genius – Ken Fisher

While working as an MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business, I was fortunate to be part of planning to have speakers come to our events. The very first time I had the chance to set up one of these events included having the opportunity to meet, Ken Fisher, the billionaire genius behind Fisher Investments. I was very curious about Ken’s success, and I asked one of the deans if it would be OK if I interviewed Ken before his talk. Now, I think about how crazy it was even to think I could do that. I had zero experience, but he let me do it. The following video shows the first moments of the first interview I had ever done in my life. Nothing like starting with at the top with someone as remarkable and potentially challenging as Ken. He began with a little test of my sense of humor. The best part was later when he sent me a note telling me I was engaging. That meant a lot to me.

First Speaking Gig: Forbes

In my career, I have had people ask me to do things that I had never done in the past. One time I was asked to give a talk. I was not a fan of speaking in college, and I certainly did not volunteer. It seems hard to believe my first paid speaking gig was for Forbes. It was a bit terrifying because I couldn’t see my notes nor the screen and there were lights in my eyes that were so bright; I couldn’t see the audience. It was not my finest hour, but I managed to get through it.

First Radio Show: Two Amazing Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs – Brian Wong and Sarah Kunst

If I had said no or not explored those opportunities, I might never have considered having my own radio show. After having Jim Beach, a terrific radio show host, interview me about my work, I thought about how much fun I had interviewing Ken Fisher. I asked how I could get my own show. Jim hooked me up, and the station manager said there was a spot for me if I could figure it out in two weeks. I had to create the graphics, music, get the guests and learn how to record and edit. This is the intro to the very first show:

When I listen to all these short clips, it brings back the emotions I felt at the time. It was exciting and scary and wonderful and horrible, but, never dull. I think we all can grow and to do that, we have to experience the scary and sometimes horrible possibilities that come with the exciting and wonderful opportunities.

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