Anticipating The Future With Dr. Vikram Mansharamani

TTL 715 | Anticipating The Future

Anticipating The Future With Dr. Vikram Mansharamani

Anticipating the future and making sure you’re prepared for every possible outcome is a vital and critical skill that’s honed through years of observation, but it’s never too late to learn. If you allow yourself to look at the patterns and the varying behaviors at play, you can put yourself in a much better position to face what comes next. Dr. Vikram Mansharamani is a global trend-watcher who shows people how to anticipate the future, manage risk, and spot opportunities. Together with Dr. Diane Hamilton, he discusses what steps one can take in anticipating the future. No matter where you are or what you do, it’s important to take this step back to see what’s ahead, and with the help of Dr. Vikram and Dr. Diane, you’ll definitely be able to find your way there.

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TTL 678 | Hacking HR

Hacking HR: The Future Of Work With Enrique Rubio

The future of work has now evolved to include artificial intelligence and many technological advancements. In this episode, Enrique Rubio, a keynote speaker, an HR tech, and the Founder of Hacking HR, joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk about their upcoming event, the panels to look forward to, and what to expect from it. Hacking HR is a global learning community at the intersection of future of work, technology, business, and organizations, with thousands of members of all over the world. Enrique’s success has earned him his reputation as a “future of work” expert. Learn more about the wonders of Hacking HR from the founder himself!

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TTL 618 | Understanding Perception

Understanding Perception, Spirituality, And Consciousness With Donald Hoffman

Our perceptions accurately tell us true statements about the world. In this episode, host Diane Hamilton talks with Cognitive Sciences expert Dr. Donald Hoffman about perception, spirituality, consciousness, and AI. Dr. Hoffman received his PhD from MIT and joined the faculty at UC Irvine in 1983 where he is a professor of Cognitive Science. He is an author of over a hundred scientific papers and three books including Visual Intelligence and his new book, The Case Against Reality. Today, he dives deep into the importance of perception, what objective reality is, the relationship between science and spirituality, and so much more. Continue reading “Understanding Perception, Spirituality, And Consciousness With Donald Hoffman”

TTL 585 | Implementing Beneficial AI

Understanding And Implementing Beneficial AI with Dr. Valerie Morignat and Finding Caregiving/Work Balance In Managing Geriatric Healthcare with John Paul Marosy

AI may seem like the new black, but it’s not new technology. AI has actually been around for 70 years, and it originally meant emulating human level intelligence in machines. Virtual environment and cognition expert and innovation strategy consultant Dr. Valerie Morignat talks about beneficial AI or the use of AI to positively impact the world. Dr. Morignat is also an experienced entrepreneur and executive, a global keynote speaker, and AI ethics and strategy expert. As AI enters its renaissance, she shares her opinion about embracing the technology and what angles we should look at when creating such technology.

Trying to arrange care for your mother, your father, or another older person in your life can be very complex. You have to make sure you’re getting the right answers to the questions on the healthcare side. You also have to figure out how to pay for the care or how to find the right housing options. Factoring into all that is respecting and involving the older person to keep as much autonomy as they possibly can and make their own decisions. John Paul Marosy, a pioneer in the field of aging and caregiving/work balance, talks about the emotional and logistical component of working in geriatric health care. He shares a step by step process to balancing work and family so you can properly care for your elderly.
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TTL 583 | Experience Design

Making Funny Stories with Steve Gilliland and The Wonders Of Experience Design with Stan Boushouwers

“Steve is what happens when the humor of a stand-up comic collides with the inspiration of motivational speaker.” That is how one newspaper described Steve Gilliland, a top-rated master storyteller and brilliant comedian. A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve talks about the pivot he made to pursue his greatest passion, speaking. In this episode, he shares his love for his craft – which is to make funny stories, not just funny jokes – and the importance of observation and curiosity in being able to do that.

People’s experience differ from person to person. In the last 25 years, there has been a significant rise in the experience economy. In this episode, Stan Boshouwers takes a deep dive into experience design. Stan studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. He talks about the future of experience design with artificial intelligence and how this will benefit curious minds. He also introduces his book, Worlds of Wonder: Experience Design for Curious People.
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TTL 575 | Predicting The Future

Predictive Analytics: How Technology Can Predict The Future with Rebecca Costa

For the last two decades, there has been no stopping of progress for humankind. But as technology continues to move forward, can we finally be able to predict the future? Rebecca Costa, a prominent global expert on the subject of fast adaptation, talks about predictive analytics which strings together millions and billions of data points to identify patterns and predict the future of our society. This is the great challenge we face in our generation because the more complex technology becomes, the more vulnerable our society gets. Find out more about predictive analytics and how predicting the future is an excellent way to monitor and prevent adverse outcomes.

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TTL 571 | Relational Leadership

Practical AI Application with Dr. Abraham Othman and Connecting Through Relational Leadership with David Wood

Specific AI tools have been widely applied in the way computers interface with society and humans over the past several years. It’s easy for people to think that it’s going in a scary direction with what they see in movies like Blade Runner or Minority Report. However, Dr. Abraham Othman, the Chief Data Scientist of RadiusAI, says it’s just our imagination getting ahead of ourselves. He says the reality of technology advancement is that you’re not enabling anything new or scary, but scaling processes that already exist but might not have been cost-effective. Dr. Othman’s research interests involve the practical applications of artificial intelligence, optimization, and computational economics. He talks about their unique work at RadiusAI such as video tracking and how various industries can benefit from such technology.

Mainstream Corporate America is heading more in the direction of relational leadership, a model that focuses on that idea that effective leadership has to do with the leader’s ability to create positive relationships within the organization. High-performance coach David Wood says being relational versus being transactional gets you the results. David coaches high performing entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders, and has built the world’s largest coaching business. As he dives into practicing being relational and revealing and telling the truth, he also introduces the concept of circling and outlines his four-step plan to a regret-free life.
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TTL 542 | Brain Science

The Brain Science Of Perception, Virtual Reality, And Curiosity with Dr. Todd Maddox

Perception is dependent on the individual. Although we may be in the same world, we still perceive reality differently. CEO and Founder of Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting LLC, Dr. Todd Maddox, dives deep into the brain science of perception and virtual reality while tapping into curiosity. He takes us from a neurochemical standpoint and discusses how our perceptions could affect working with many different cultures and people. Dr. Maddox discusses where understanding and respect come into play, and how it removes the system of harassment that targets others. He also shares his insights on AI and augmented reality and the way they disrupt corporate learning with cultural immersion.

TTL 327 | Innovation Technology

Humanity And The Future Of Innovation Technology with Byron Reese and Tapping Into Curiosity And Creativity Through Technology with Chris Hoffmann

Byron Reese, CEO of Gigaom and author of The Fourth Age, talks about innovation technology, its future, and how humanity fits within the picture. He poses great questions that tug at our current conditions such as identifying whether you are a machine or an animal. Believing greatly in humanity and technology, he defines what technology is and gives us a view of the changes that will happen sooner. Byron then shares his insights about artificial general intelligence and emotional intelligence in robots while predicting how technology can end hunger and poverty.


Tying innovation to an open heart, Chris Hoffmann – author, innovator, and TEDx speaker – talks about the emotional aspects that need to be present with technology. He finds that it is by having that sense of self that we will tap into curiosity and creativity. He is also about helping people get over that fear of being more innovative, leading us to identify the things that make us emotionally satisfied. Reflecting on the current relationship between people and technology, Chris then shares his thoughts about people aligning to different jobs as they become more curious and creative than ever.
TTL 324 | Emotional Courage, Talent Mobility

Building Emotional Courage with Peter Bregman and Understanding Talent Mobility with Caitlin MacGregor

Taking risks doesn’t always lead you to success, but it will surely help you grow as a leader. One of the risks to take to achieve effective leadership is not just to empathize with your employees but also to tap into your emotions in appropriate ways at the workplace. Peter Bregman, bestselling author of Leading with Emotional Courage: How to Have Hard Conversations, Create Accountability, and Inspire Action on Your Most Important Work, defines what emotional courage is and why it should be a skill leaders must learn alongside confidence, connection, and being committed.


Being an effective leader is about tapping into the potentials of the workforce. To grow is to learn continuously or else the business will hit the plateau. Caitlin MacGregor, CEO and Co-Founder of Plum, knows precisely the importance of revolutionizing the workplace through continuous learning. She dives into the concept of talent mobility powered by the scalability of artificial intelligence and the deep insight of industrial/organizational psychology. On top of that, she shares about the quality metrics they use to center in on who’s going to be successful long-term without bias.