Hacking The Human Behavior with Susan Ibitz

TTL 578 | Hacking The Human Behavior

Hacking The Human Behavior with Susan Ibitz

You can understand people by simply looking at how they behave. Human behavior hacker Susan Ibitz of Human Behavior Lab has been hacking people for 27 years. Susan talks a little bit about her background, including being dyslexic, studying psychology, and producing a TV show. In this episode, she introduces her technique called hacking which includes face reading, personality assessments, micro-expressions, body language, deception detection, statement analysis, and forensic. Susan says culture equates to intelligence and offers ideas on how to treat other people based on their culture. She also gives examples of how different people from different cultures behave and shares how hacking the human behavior can be used in the hiring process.

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TTL 293 | Body Language

Teaming Versus Teams with Amy Edmondson and Body Language Secrets Revealed with Greg Williams

Unexpected things come about from unusual situations where people encounter thing they haven’t done before. Consequently, they don’t know how to go about things. In the business world, this can be a huge problem. In such situations, how do you get people to work together towards a solution? Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, differentiates teaming versus teams. She defines a team as a group of people that are interdependent in achieving some shared outcome with a clearly delineated membership, whereas teaming is collaboration and coordination to get important things done without the luxury of stable membership. Amy shares how you can create an environment where people are willing to jump in and take the interpersonal risks of teaming.


With communication, much of it is working towards some goal. Greg Williams, Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert, says that everything that we do is a negotiation, and achieving our goals usually involves some type of negotiation. Greg discusses the importance of being able to read body language and to discern any hidden meaning that people are not disclosing in negotiating for something.

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TTL 245 | Nonverbal Communication

The Power Of Influence And Nonverbal Communication with Michael Grinder

How do you work on nonverbal cues when you can’t have them? When you can’t see the person, you’re pretty much limited to the auditory. Michael Grinder says as human beings, what we do is we hallucinate within the first 40 seconds of seeing or listening to someone. We assume that if their voice sounds like this, they must look a certain way. That’s when we start to get into trouble. Michael is a world-renowned expert in the power of influence and nonverbal communication. He has authored thirteen books translated into seven languages. After years of experience as a teacher, Michael has been speaking at conferences and conducting seminars on his areas of expertise across the world. He has, for years, been seen as America’s Educator of Educators and is an expert on learning. Michael discusses the power of influence, the categories of nonverbal communication, the five circles of humanness, hallucinating, and his research on autism.

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