Most Popular Products in the US

Most Popular Products in the US

Yahoo Finance posted an interesting article by Bloomberg Businessweek recently about popularity of items we purchase.  In my marketing courses I teach, we often discuss what makes a product more or less successful.  Do you ever look at products out there and think . . . Who would buy that?  I often see a strange color car and wonder what the buyer’s thought process was with that!  I tend to have more bland and simple taste when it comes to colors.  I guess I am not alone.

 In the Bloomberg article, they state, “Fully 17.8 percent of cars sold in North America last year were white—the No.1 choice, according to the annual DuPont Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. Black, the No.2 color, scored a close second with 17 percent, having climbed six points since 2005. Silver, the global favorite, placed third in North America, totaling 16.7 percent of sales.

Here are some more interesting statistics mentioned in the article about popular products:

Wal-Mart sold more bananas than any other single item in the store. 

The growth of Honey Nut Cheerios is largely due to a growing Hispanic population who is targeted in their ads.

Hungry for a potato chip?  The highest sales, by far, were for Lay’s brand.

Americans ate 4.1 pounds of shrimp in 2008.

If you are looking to buy a dog .  .  .Labradors are the number one choice. 

If you are considering traveling . . . You’ll probably see a lot of Americans in France as that is the number one travel destination.

One third of all cosmetics are sold by Revlon.

Looking for the popular sneaker?  Check out Nike’s Air Force 1.