Building A New Era In Education Through Technology With Jaime Casap

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Building A New Era In Education Through Technology With Jaime Casap

We live in a modern world of technological advances, the education space being no exception. This is where Jaime Casap comes in. Jamie is the Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc. Using the power and potential of the web and technology, he collaborates with school systems, educational organizations, and leaders focused on building innovation and iteration into education policies and practices. In this episode, Jamie talks about how he started in Google and how that has allowed him to enter the education space and helped him launch Google Apps for Education. He shares what his vision is for education in the future and the things that should be integrated now to achieve that. Jamie also talks about what’s waiting outside of the education space for students and how technology can impact that. He discusses the ways anyone can learn about anything and how to deal with information overload. Lastly, he gives an overview of what it’s like to work at Google, Inc.
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Female Career Choices That May Surprise You

On the first day of work as a pharmaceutical representative in the 80’s, I was struck by the similarity of my newly-hired peers.  There were about 10 of us that started at the same time.  Nine out of 10 of us were women.  I hadn’t given much thought as to whether women dominated in the pharmaceutical business at that time.  However, sitting at that long table full of women, most of whom had business degrees, made me realize that things were changing for women and their career choices.

Since I currently teach for many different online universities, a recent article about women and their online degree choices caught my eye.  In the article 10 Majors That Are No longer Male-Dominated, the author pointed out, “Historically, women have dominated majors like education, English and psychology, while men were more likely to study engineering, computer science or math. Although this may ring true at some schools, it isn’t the standard at every traditional or online college. More than ever, college women are opting to study traditionally male-dominated majors and are breaking enrollment records while they’re at it. As the line between male- and female-dominated academic fields continues to fade, there will be less segregation in the job market and more opportunities for both sexes.”

The article lists the following online majors as currently female-dominant:

Computer Science




Biological Science

Construction Management

Fire Science

Criminal Justice

Information Technology

Sports Management

For more information about the increase in women majoring in each of these areas, click here to read the full article.