The Positive Impact Of Having Conflict with Dr. Liane Davey And How To Work Stronger with Pete Leibman

TTL 434 | Productive Conflict

The Positive Impact Of Having Conflict with Dr. Liane Davey And How To Work Stronger with Pete Leibman

Productive conflict is a type of conflict where the issue that comes to the table is resolved. It moves your organization forward and is productive for your team. Dr. Liane Davey is the New York Times bestselling author of You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done, a book where entrepreneurs and employees can get insights as she educates about productive conflict and conflict debt. Liane joins us for an in-depth discussion about productive conflict, as well as how cultural and personality differences can affect your definition of respect. You’ll also get to learn about the Valentine’s Day effect and how it is relevant in your working environment.


Should you work smarter or stronger? Pete Leibman is a consultant, speaker, and bestselling author who has been featured on Fox News, CBS Radio, and In an interesting conversation, he emphasizes why working stronger is better than working smarter. Sharing some tips on how you can manage your daily tasks, he points out why never-ending to-do lists can lead to stress.

Improving Workplace Conflict Requires Understanding Preferences

How do we know how others would like to be treated if we only look at things from our perspective?  Understanding personality and generational preferences is so important because we learn about opposing or differing perspectives.  To improve some of the key challenges in the workplace requires this understanding.  These challenges include poor soft skills, low emotional intelligence, lack of engagement, and a negative culture.  Many articles address how these problem stem from Boomer and Millennial conflict. Continue reading “Improving Workplace Conflict Requires Understanding Preferences”

Managing Millennials Requires Understanding Their Values


Millennials are one of the most misunderstood generations, which has led to frustration in the workplace.  With so many generations working together, it is not unusual that there would be some conflict. The biggest issues have revolved around the clash between Boomers and Millennials.  With varying views on political and leadership issues, as well as differences in the frequency at which they embrace technology, conflict management has become a top concern for many leaders.  Part of learning to manage this unique generation includes understanding and embracing their values. Continue reading “Managing Millennials Requires Understanding Their Values”