Understanding How Unconscious Bias Impacts Workplace Culture With Sejal Thakkar

TTL 898 | Unconscious Bias

Understanding How Unconscious Bias Impacts Workplace Culture With Sejal Thakkar

Unconscious bias is a problem for many organizations aiming to become more inclusive because it is unconscious, as the name suggests, and they’re hard to pinpoint. People, including leaders, have their biases, which come out even when aiming for diversity, perhaps even more then. Today’s guest is Sejal Thakkar, Chief Culture Officer at Nobody Studios, and has a great TEDx Talk about The Pain, Paradox, and Power of Bias. In this episode, she joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss how biases manifest in the workplace even as organizations work towards inclusivity. They are looking at equity from the wrong lens. Join in for an insightful discussion on how to foster an inclusive workplace culture that truly empowers employees. Plus, they discuss dealing with harassment and discrimination and the importance of language.

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TTL 870 Stacey Gordon | Diversity And Inclusion

Understanding Diversity, Inclusion And Workplace Culture With Stacey Gordon

As leaders and entrepreneurs, we must be aware of work ethics and policies that would benefit the organization and make the site a better workplace for us and our employees. In this episode, the CEO of Rework Work, Stacey Gordon discusses diversity, equity, inclusion and workplace culture. She shares how she started in her career and what paved her way into pursuing the passion she has right now. Together with Dr. Diane Hamilton, Stacey delves into attaining a high level of business success. An executive advisor and diversity strategist, Stacey is the creator of the number one resume course at LinkedIn learning and an unconscious bias course which has consistently been the second-highest viewed course on the platform. Join in and learn what works in your organization, strategies you must focus on and the importance of a roadmap in your professional journey.

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TTL 322 | Unlocking Creativity

Unlocking Creativity with Michael Roberto and Workplace Challenges Women Face with Bonnie Marcus

When asked about what’s blocking creativity, people usually say things like hierarchy, bureaucracy, short-term financial pressures, or Wall Street pressures. Michael Roberto, however, found that it’s not a people problem but rather a lack of out-of-the-box thinkers. Michael is the Trustee Professor of Management at Bryant University and the author of Unlocking Creativity. He talks about his book and dives more about what’s blocking creativity.


Women face special challenges in the workplace. They have different issues, both internal barriers they set up as well as some of the unconscious bias in the workplace that they have to deal with. Bonnie Marcus primarily focuses on women, mostly because a lot of women are hesitant to position themselves for success. Bonnie is a keynote speaker and the author of The Politics of Promotion and the co-author of Lost Leaders in the Pipeline. She tackles the different obstacles women are facing, the perception of women in leadership and different cultures, and more.
TTL 246 | Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity: Allowing People To Be Who They Are with Risha Grant

With the current climate, we definitely have become more polarized and everybody seems to be angrier about things. International keynote speaker, diversity trainer, consultant, and author Risha Grant says it’s heartbreaking that we don’t treat each other with respect. We don’t care to hear what other people have to think. We think that our thoughts rule everything else. We don’t allow people to be who they are.  Risha thinks we’re seeing that show up in all these random shootings and stabbings, and it’s crazy. The corporate world is no different. High-level executives are making inappropriate comments still. Risha delves into the subject of cultural diversity, the problems with discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, and the MeToo movement.

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