Startup Then Scale Up with Verne Harnish and Emotional Equity with Simon T. Bailey

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Startup Then Scale Up with Verne Harnish and Emotional Equity with Simon T. Bailey

After teaching entrepreneurial teams for 30 years, Verne Harnish of Entrepreneurs’ Organization is telling people to startup then scale up. Most markets right now have many startups but less scale up. He shares that what’s important in business is your product or service that plays at a certain level of activity to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd. Which is why Verne helps companies pivot from being a lean startup to an agile scale up. When we focus on who we think we are instead of who we are, we are held back in business and in life. Simon T. Bailey explains the reason so many people refuse to shift is because they have emotional equity in the way they’ve always done things and people like being in their comfort zone. He shares that you can start to follow your calling when you realize that change doesn’t happen to you but through you.

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Big Business Embracing Entrepreneurial Thinking


Wal-Mart recently inspired an unusual entrepreneurial competition. Inventors could submit product ideas, with the hope of having their product available on the stores’ shelves.  Wal-Mart is not the first company to recognize the importance of fostering creativity in unusual ways. In college-level innovation and entrepreneurship courses, one of the things students learn is that organizations place a high value on entrepreneurial thinking.

Wal-Mart initially created the entrepreneurial contest  to create buzz in social media.  The popularity of the promotion led to some creative ideas by inventors who sought attention for their creations. The Wall Street Journal reported that the winner would have the opportunity to sell on as well as in the physical stores.

The idea of organizations recognizing the importance of entrepreneurial talents is becoming more popular.  Check out some of the following articles that demonstrate the value of entrepreneurship in the modern workplac

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