A Heart Based Business: Humanizing Entrepreneurs with Leonard Kim and Terri Levine

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A Heart Based Business: Humanizing Entrepreneurs with Leonard Kim and Terri Levine

Behind high level companies are faces and names of people who built it who wouldn’t be recognized with proper personal and corporate branding. Once these people are seen as thought leaders in their industry, they start to get attention and recognition. Some business owners fail at this. Leonard Kim helps these people set their career on all sides possible to elevate their brand and make them look human instead of looking perfect so that they can connect and build working relationships.

The technology of the internet is really amazing in ways of making people connect to each other. Business owners and entrepreneurs can reach clients at the click of a button. But this makes connections feel mechanical in a sense, which is not bad, but there is always that choice to be a heart based business. When you give value and knowledge to your clients, the next decision they make is to work with you. Terri Levine shares the steps of putting heart into your business.

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Serial Entrepreneurs Share Their Words of Wisdom from Inc


From Inc.com:¬† We asked the serial entrepreneurs on our list to name the most important thing they had learned as entrepreneurs. Click here¬†for Inc’s¬†favorites.

Serial Entrepreneurs Share Their Words of Wisdom inc.com

50 Famous People Who Failed Before Becoming Successful

In my book, How to Reinvent Your Career, I write about how some things we see as failures may actually lead us to something better.  The following is a list of 50 famous people compiled by Katrina Solomon from onlinecollege.org who failed before they became successes:

  1.  Henry Ford
  2.  R. H. Macy
  3.  F. W. Woolworth
  4.  Soichiro Honda
  5.  Akio Morita (Sony)
  6.  Bill Gates
  7.  Harland David Sanders (KFC)
  8.  Walt Disney
  9.  Albert Einstein
  10.  Charles Darwin
  11.  Robert Goddard (rocket researcher)
  12.  Isaac Newton
  13.  Socrates
  14.  Robert Sternberg (President of APA)
  15.  Thomas Edison
  16.  Orville and Wilbur Wright
  17.  Winston Churchill
  18.  Abraham Lincoln
  19.  Oprah Winfrey
  20.  Harry S. Truman
  21.  Dick Cheney
  22.  Jerry Seinfeld
  23.  Fred Astaire
  24.  Sidney Poitier
  25.  Jeanne Moreau (actress)
  26.  Charlie Chaplin
  27.  Lucille Ball
  28.  Harrison Ford
  29.  Marilyn Monroe
  30.  Oliver Stone
  31.  Vincent Van Gogh
  32.  Emily Dickinson
  33.  Theodore Seuss Giesel (Dr. Seuss)
  34.  Charles Schulz
  35.  Steven Spielberg
  36.  Stephen King
  37.  Zane Grey
  38.  J. K. Rowling
  39.  Monet
  40.  Jack London
  41.  Louisa May Alcott
  42.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  43.  Elvis Presley
  44.  Ludwig van Beethoven
  45.  Igor Stravinsky
  46.  The Beatles
  47.  Michael Jordan
  48.  Stan Smith
  49.  Babe Ruth
  50.  Tom Landry

Create Your Own Job

What is great about YouTube is you can find creative videos. There is a short advertisement message at the end of most of them . . . however, videos like this one have an important message for people who are thinking about changing jobs, recreating themselves, and starting over in their career.