Think And Win Like Amazon With John Rossman and Experimentation Programs With Chris Goward

TTL 609 | Think Like Amazon

Think And Win Like Amazon With John Rossman and Experimentation Programs With Chris Goward

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce businesses around the globe. In this episode, former Amazon executive and the author of Think Like Amazon, John Rossman, provides some strategies and ideas on how to think and win like Amazon. He also shares his thoughts on the impact of perception on how we run our business.

The best companies have experimentation as a core competency where they ask and answer decisions using experiments. Chris Goward, an author, digital disruption expert, and the Founder of WiderFunnel, provides insights on using experimentation as a way to achieve marketing success and business decisions. Chris also talks about conversion rate optimization, changing culture, improving curiosity, and more.
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TTL 607 | Simplification

Innovation Strategies With Joel Carnes and Life Simplification With Gary Collins

Cities and even small towns aim to grow into better places, not just for recognition but for the greater good of its people. Joel Carnes, the President and CEO for the Alliance for Innovation, shares the wonderful tasks that his company is doing for the betterment of communities. It is through innovation that people and nations achieve greatness. With this, Joel dives deeper into the three main approaches to innovation and how they work with the local government.

What is simplification and how can we achieve it? Gary Collins, a life simplification expert and the author of The Simple Life, answers this question on today’s show. Finding our life purpose may not sound so simple, but Gary shows how we can determine it and teaches us how we can answer the magic questions of life – why am I here and what am I going to do with this time? Moreover, he points out how to be healthy in the simplest way possible and not be lured by consumerism promoted by America.
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TTL 602 | Innovation And Technology

Getting Things Done Through Innovation And Technology with Scott Amyx and Predicting The Future Through The Past with Michael Yorba

In this episode, learn some great takeaways from innovation expert, keynote speaker, and futurist Scott Amyx of Amyx Ventures and Michael Yorba, the CEO and Chairman at WFN1 News Corporation. Scott talks about some success myths and shares the reasons why he wrote his book Strive.  He shares the key tips on how he gets people to focus on succeeding and getting things done, especially when dealing with global issues. He also dives into the fourth industrial revolution, including ways on how innovation and technology impacts jobs, today’s generation, and the environment.

Michael Yorba shares an interesting concept in market pattern recognition, which involves looking at the past to forecast the future. As interesting as cryptocurrency and blockchain may seem, he compares learning both to learning markets or astrology. Talking about technology, Michael explains how it can impact relationships and generations to come with regards to money management, job creation, and personal growth.
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TTL 560 | Cracking Complexity

Cracking Complexity with David Komlos and Creating Passionate Innovations with Christian Erfurt

Solving problems has never been more comfortable if you have the perfect solution that would crack every trial. David Komlos, the CEO of Syntegrity and author of Cracking Complexity, reveals the breakthrough formula that would quickly eliminate the roadblocks in business, entertainment, and society. Learn the difference between complex and complicated challenges and the only way to deal with multidimensional problems at pace and at scale. On top of that, find out about David’s N*N-1 one component and iteration.

People have health adversities that limit them from operating in their full potential. Christian Erfurt was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirteen, but that did not stop him from doing his passion which is innovation. CEO of Be My Eye, a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call, Christian tells us about his user-driven innovation and how they were able to attract investors and gather people all over the world for a cause.
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TTL 436 | Litterati

Creating A Little-Free World Through Litterati with Jeff Kirschner and Innovation As A System with Doug Hall

When Jeff Kirschner’s daughter saw a plastic tub of cat litter in the woods, little did he realize that it would be the spark for creating Litterati, a global community working to create a litter-free planet. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Litterati. He talks about crowdsource-cleaning the planet one piece of litter at a time and goes through the process of creating the app and how it has empowered communities to take action.

Dubbed as one of America’s top innovation experts by Inc. magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, CNBC, CIO Magazine, and the CBC, is Doug Hall – an inventor, researcher, educator, and craft whiskey maker. Doug is the founder of the Eureka! Ranch, Innovation Engineering Institute, and Brain Brew Custom Whiskey. He talks about innovation and why it should be approached at as a system, as well as the key things that make people come up with meaningful, unique ideas.

TTL 314 | Cannabis

The Future Of Business, Technology, And Society with Brett King and Deconstructing Cannabis with Danielle Davenport

In this digital age, it’s hard to predict what things are going to come up next with all the trends and innovations coming in. There are actually a group of people who looks at trends and tries to extrapolate those trends to see what will be happening in the future, and they are called futurists. World-renowned futurist, speaker, international bestselling author, and media personality Brett King covers the future of business, technology, and society. He joins us to talk about the four major disruptors and what’s changing right now in financial services and technology.


There’s a lot of hype around cannabis. Growing up around it, Danielle Davenport pretty much have been in cannabis her whole life. Danielle is the CEO of the Global Foundry Group, a global professional services firm focused on cannabis, agricultural businesses, and other verticals. She shares her unique perspective around the controversial psychoactive drug and the things she found out about it in her research.

Curiosity: The Inspiration for Innovation, Resilience, and Sustainability

In an age of distraction, with market volatility, and constant uncertainty, organizations face challenges to their ability to maintain a resilient workforce. Issues that impact sustainability in innovation include the environment, society, and economics. In constantly changing times, taking the ground most traveled and embracing the status quo is no longer a viable option. Truly resilient organizations must embrace robust transformation. Lengnick-Hall described organizational resilience as, “the capacity to act robustly in the face of environmental turbulence and to adapt to the ongoing environmental changes.” Organizations must look to ideas never considered when developing innovation that is resilient and sustainable.   That is where curiosity can play an important role.

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TTL 284 | Servant Leadership

The Politics Of Servant Leadership with James Strock and The Gaps In AI-Related Industries with Dr. Cindy Gordon

Stretching servant leadership far back into the historical roots, founder and CEO of Serve to Lead Group, James Strock, speaks about some presidential leaders who have shown how they mastered technologies of their time in order to become effective. James takes us into the updated version of his book, Serve to Lead: 21st Century Leaders Manual, and gives great insights about how looking at history provides a bigger look at our current situation. Learn about mastering communication technologies as James takes you into the political side of being a leader.
Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, Inc. and Predictive Analytics expert, takes us into the world of artificial intelligence as she identifies the various gaps within the related industries. Starting with gender, she talks about why there are less women working in AI and what are the possible solutions to encourage them. She also talks about the talent gap in innovation that has been sought after these days, and proceeds to lay some insights about the future as AI progresses.

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TTL 280 | The Selling Formula

Developing Employee Culture with Dr. Terence Jackson and The Selling Formula with Brian Robinson

All organizations have a culture, whether it’s the culture they want or a culture that was created through application. Executive performance advisor and thought leader Dr. Terence Jackson says leadership and employee culture dictate how innovative or disruptive an organization is. When leadership allows and enables their employees to look at innovation from an unlimited perspective, they create, innovate, and disrupt better than others. Dr. Jackson shares some great information on how to develop employee culture and touches on all kinds of issues that organizations have.
What you imagine happening prior to a conversation tends to play out. If you take a few moments before your contact with your prospect to sit still think about them and care about them even before you’ve ever open your mouth or even seen them, you wind up telegraphing what you’re feeling. It’s always to your benefit to think positively about that interaction. Bestselling author, coach, and sales expert Brian Robinson helps banks and credit unions effectively cross promote their products and services. His book, The Selling Formula, outlines some helpful tips of how to get your sales message across and be effective.

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TTL 277 | Humble Leadership

Driving Change with Mark C. Thompson and Humble Leadership with Edgar and Peter Schein

Change is all around us. Bestselling author Mark C. Thompson says the only way we grow is when we start to be willing to embrace those changes, and that usually creates a little bit of struggle. When we think about change, we have the resources and we have the means to change within our hearts and souls and our own experience. Mark talks about the growth mindset, team engagement, and driving change in order to accelerate the leadership journey and grow faster.
Leadership has always been integrally related with culture in that leaders create cultures, but then cultures are what determine what kinds of leadership are acceptable. That leads to why Edgar and Peter Schein wrote Humble Leadership. Edgar is a former professor at MIT and he created a model of organizational culture that identifies distinct levels of culture. Peter is the Co-Founder and COO for Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute providing OD and leadership consulting and coaching services. They discuss how leadership has to change as the world has changed towards complexity, more teamwork, and more collaboration.

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