Getting Ready To Find Your Dream Job With Kimberly Cummings

TTL 871 | Dream Job

Getting Ready To Find Your Dream Job With Kimberly Cummings

Finding and landing your dream job takes a lot of work. You need to be prepared, to have the necessary skills, and of course, some old-fashioned luck and magic help too! In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down to talk with career and leadership development expert Kimberly Cummings. Kimberly discusses the current remote work environment, talks about landing your dream job, and plots out strategies that can help you catch that job. Tune in for more tips and strategies to help you find the perfect job.
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TTL 870 Stacey Gordon | Diversity And Inclusion

Understanding Diversity, Inclusion And Workplace Culture With Stacey Gordon

As leaders and entrepreneurs, we must be aware of work ethics and policies that would benefit the organization and make the site a better workplace for us and our employees. In this episode, the CEO of Rework Work, Stacey Gordon discusses diversity, equity, inclusion and workplace culture. She shares how she started in her career and what paved her way into pursuing the passion she has right now. Together with Dr. Diane Hamilton, Stacey delves into attaining a high level of business success. An executive advisor and diversity strategist, Stacey is the creator of the number one resume course at LinkedIn learning and an unconscious bias course which has consistently been the second-highest viewed course on the platform. Join in and learn what works in your organization, strategies you must focus on and the importance of a roadmap in your professional journey.

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TTL 567 | Leadership Development

Leadership Development And Becoming Your Own Leadership Coach with Jennifer DiMotta

The eCommerce business doesn’t just mean putting products on a site and selling those products. You’ve got to find the right people. In this day and age, the demand for great digital and eCommerce people is hard. Jennifer DiMotta, the Founder of DiMotta Consulting LLC, developed the DiMotta Method for building an eCommerce business. Jennifer is an entrepreneur and growth leader who’s led successful aggressive growth strategies for several direct to consumer brands and retailers. In this episode, she talks about leadership development, how leaders can be effective at changing the culture, and the benefits of having your own business. She also shares her DIY Methodology to becoming your own leadership coach and touches on emotional intelligence, setting SMART goals, and the biggest issues women face in the workplace.

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TTL 565 | Leadership Development

Leadership Development: Helping People Become Better Leaders with David Novak

Brands like KFC have become global household names. This kind of success is made possible my leaders who are leading leaders like David Novak. He is the Founder and CEO of oGoLead and the Co-Founder and retired Chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands, a fast food company that operates the brands Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, among others. He narrates how he was always into leadership even from a young age. He shares about how he managed to lead Yum! Brands as a global company, spinning off all the way to China. David believes in patterned thinking and shares his tips on how to look for ideas like what they did with Cool Ranch Doritos. He also introduces his book on developing company leaders called Taking People with You and talks about the digital leadership development platform he created to help people become better leaders.

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TTL 319 | Leadership Development

Leadership Development with Jack Zenger and Advice From The Car Buyer’s Advocate with Paul Maloney

It’s very helpful for someone who is an external supplier of leadership development and consultant of an organization to be on the other side of the table and know what it’s like to work inside the organization. That’s been Jack Zenger’s career. Jack is the co-founder and CEO of Zenger Folkman, a professional services firm providing consulting and leadership development programs for organizational initiatives. He dives into leadership development and shares why he thinks we don’t have better leaders and the major deficiencies in organizational leadership programs.


Leaving his hospitality job in five-star resorts, Paul Maloney became a car salesman. After being shown the ropes by one of the older employees, he went from selling cars to individuals to selling cars to corporate companies, big box stores, and the like for almost twenty years. Paul talks about car dealership, wholesale fleet pricing, and his book, How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time!: It’s So Simple It’s Ridiculous.