The Power of Perception in Organizations

The Power of Perception in Organizations

As leaders strive to improve their corporate cultures, they often neglect to recognize a pivotal contributor to the success or failure of their organizations. The most effective leaders understand the value of perception. When we hear that word, we might think of an Internet meme of whether we see the blue or gold dress. Or, we might envision a picture with two circles that fool us into thinking they are different sizes. However, perception is much more than just how we see things. If we incorporate our intellect (IQ), emotions (EQ), culture (CQ), and curiosity (CQ2), we get our perception quotient (PQ). Through understanding the value of perception, leaders can tap into their employees’ abilities to improve communication and develop awareness by asking questions, which leads to developing empathy and interpersonal skills. Without recognizing the interconnection of these crucial components, organizations can miss opportunities to improve partnerships, expand into new markets, build innovation, and become a key player in a global economy. Because of this, there has never been a more critical time to develop our perceptual awareness. That begins with understanding the process.

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TTL 660 | The Disruption Mindset

The Disruption Mindset With Charlene Li And Succeeding Through Creative Marketing With Helene Godin

Whether you believe it or not, looking at the world differently can lead to success. Here to talk with Dr. Diane Hamilton about the concept of her book, The Disruption Mindset, is New York Times bestselling author, Charlene Li. Charlene talks about the importance of creating a good leadership culture while embracing the need to thrive on disruption. Teaching business leaders how to think differently is Charlene’s expertise. With her knowledge in the field, she shares how to have promising professional relationships with clients and employees and what opportunities are there for women on board.

Helene Godin is known for selling Audible to Amazon and building New York City’s top gluten-free bakery chain. In this episode, Helene talks with Dr. Diane Hamilton about how she’s standing out in the pastry industry by building By the Way Bakery, an old-fashioned bakery where everything is made by hand, from scratch, in small batches. Learn how she does it and how her creativity is continually enthralling consumers.
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Thinkers50 Radar List Announced: Top Minds From Around the Globe

Dr. Diane Hamilton, CEO of Tonerra, was recently chosen for the prestigious 2020 class of Thinkers50 Radar. Thinkers50, based in London, is dubbed “the Oscars of Management Thinking” by the Financial Times. Thinkers50, launched in 2001, is the world’s most reliable resource for identifying, ranking and sharing the leading management ideas of our age. The list is published every two years and remains the premier ranking of its kind. The radar list is focused on 30 of the top minds from around the globe to watch in the coming year for their innovative ideas that will make the world a better place.

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TTL 643 | Building Authentic Leadership

Building Authentic Leadership Through Our Capacities With Robert Glazer and Life Lessons From Poker With Alec Torelli

Culture and authenticity in leadership all contribute to a successful organization. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews Robert Glazer, the Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners and the author of Elevate, about building authentic leadership. Bob shares his tactics on developing a healthy and high-performance culture as well as capacity-building towards becoming the leader we ought to be. He also touches on the four capacities necessary for achieving that authentic leader level.

Poker may be an ordinary card game but there are lessons to be learned from it specifically on how we can find strength in luck. Professional poker player, digital entrepreneur, and keynote speaker Alec Torelli joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss his realizations about the harsh realities of the world with regards to luck. Alec takes a deep dive into how poker ties into life especially when it comes to handling failures and setbacks.
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TTL 638 | Miracle At The Hudson

How Miracles Can Define You With David Sanderson

Many would agree that one great moment can change your life forever. In today’s special episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews David Sanderson who is one of the passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 who lived to tell the ‘miracle flight on the Hudson.’ Through his book Moments Matter – How One Defining Moment Can Create a Lifetime of Purpose, he shares the first-hand experience of that miraculous moment. He also talks about reaching out to other survivors and how leadership had led to their miracle. Brace yourself as David gives us a front seat experience of that scary but amazing moment.
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TTL 636 | Building Personal Branding

How To Build Your Personal Branding With S. Renee Smith And Getting Out Of Status Quo Thinking With Christina Blacken

In this day and age, almost everyone and everything that tries to make it big is nothing without branding. However, with so many platforms available, it can be a challenge to create one and put it out there. Host, Dr. Diane Hamilton, guests S. Renee Smith, advisor, coach, and strategic partner to senior leaders, to enlighten us about personal branding, strategic planning, and development. She shares with us key points on how to be likable, credible, and marketable—noting how branding starts with being authentic in who you are and the value you bring.

The power of narratives is in how it influences people to get into a new kind of thinking. As a storyteller herself, Christina Blacken knows this to be true. Her storytelling platform, The New Quo, has been helping high growth leaders get out of the status quo thinking and into creativity and purpose. Christina discusses how leaders should go about cultural change and embody what they are preaching. She then shares doing various social causes and motivating young people to volunteer.
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TTL 629 | Transforming Boardrooms

Transforming Boardrooms: The Right Leaders In The Right Roles With Paul Smith

For companies to become drivers of change, they need to have the right leaders in the right roles within the right structures. Tackling the importance of finding the very people at the top in the boardroom is Paul Smith, Founder and CEO of Future Directors Institute. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to him about addressing the big macro challenge of transforming the boardroom as increasing demand for a new type of company governance is becoming more felt by the day. Paul brings his recently launched book, Right Seat, Right Table, and shares with us a peek into how outsiders can get a seat in the contemporary boardroom. Find out more about what Paul has to say about changing boardrooms into a more diverse environment with future directors who are empowering.
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TTL 625 | Evolving Entrepreneur

The Code Of Trust With Robin Dreeke And The Evolving Entrepreneur With Nathan Kievman

Leadership is not just about leading people but also building a relationship with them. That is the best way to lead according to Robin Dreeke, a retired FBI agent, speaker, and author. Robin shares his experience as a leader by starting with the day he was forced into leadership. He talks about some concepts from his book, The Code of Trust, and offers techniques in developing trust to move forward and build a healthy relationship.

Highly sought-after digital strategist, Nathan Kievman brings a no-nonsense business approach to digital and social strategies, which is that evolving to be a better entrepreneur is the key way to meet any client’s needs. His company, Linked Strategies, is a consulting firm that specializes in measurable client and talent acquisition campaigns, helping companies from around the world find the fastest path to their target market today and then keeping those clients for life. Today, Nathan shares how he got to be an expert in this area, what he’s doing to help organizations, and the near death experience that changed his life.
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TTL 616 | Aligning With Your Purpose

Leadership, Hiring, And Aligning With Your Purpose With Jason Jennings

Leading people and companies to their full potential is what CEOs or leaders ideally do to promote growth. In today’s episode, Diane Hamilton interviews Jason Jennings about the subject of leadership and hiring. Jason has traveled the globe in search of the world’s fastest companies for his landmark debut book called It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small, It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow. As he dives into his book, he also talks about aligning with your purpose or the big “why,” and shares some strategies in hiring and interviewing potential employees and guests. Learn more from Jason’s experiences working with big names like Steve Jobs, and more.
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TTL 601 | Leadership Lessons

How To Efficiently Lead A Team: Leadership Lessons From Dr. John Kotter with Tom Flick

When you want to be a good leader yourself, nothing beats learning from the best. Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews former Pac-10 Conference Player of the Year and an NFL quarterback for seven seasons, Tom Flick, on the lessons he learned from the authority on leadership and change, Dr. John Kotter. Tom narrates how he met Dr. Kotter and shares the amazing leadership lessons he learned from him – from differentiating management and leadership through sports to teaching others how to lead and overcome the challenges that come with it. He also offers his advice for other consultants who aim at helping leaders succeed in a high-level organization. On the side, Tom talks about Greenleaf’s servant leadership and its difference to other leadership styles.
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