The Neuroscience Of Learning With Stella Collins

TTL 771 | Neuroscience Of Learning

The Neuroscience Of Learning With Stella Collins

Curiosity and fear are even more closely related than we ever thought they were. In fact, they are both registered in the nucleus accumbens and it depends where dopamine hits your nucleus accumbens as to what you feel. Did this make you even more curious? Then this episode is something you don’t want to miss. Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews the co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs, one of the Brain Ladies, and author of Neuroscience for Learning and Development, Stella Collins, about all things neuroscience, brain, and learning. They dive deep into emotional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligence, the learning revolution and our DNA model, and teaching soft skills. Stella also talks about how mindfulness helps and what changes are happening in learning and development since the book. Tune into this discussion to gain more interesting insights about learning, whether that be in the context of work, school, and more.

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TTL 752 | Curiosity Leadership

Bringing Curiosity Into The Core Of Growth And Innovation With Stefaan Van Hooydonk

Innovation comes from brilliant ideas and those ideas come from asking the right questions. How can a company’s leadership foster this kind of curiosity among the people in their organization? In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with a kindred spirit to talk about the role of curiosity in driving innovation, how it can be fostered in corporate organizations and the role of the Chief Learning Officer in all these. Having been an ex-CLO for such organizations as Flipkart, Philips, Nokia, Afga and most recently, Cognizant, Stefaan van Hooydonk has been a thought leader in the L&D space for more than 20 years. Fresh from his recent exit from Cognizant in August, 2020, Stefaan is already knee-deep into something new, a creation of his called Curiosity Institute. Listen to this conversation to learn more about the work that he has done with Cognizant and the future endeavors he is looking to do at the Institute.

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