Live Agelessly With Dr. Dian Griesel

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Live Agelessly With Dr. Dian Griesel

Are you 50 years old, and you feel that life is setting on you? That is far from the truth because you can choose to live agelessly! Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest today is Dr. Dian Griesel, the Founder and President of Dian Griesel International (DGI) and Silver Disobedience. Dr. Dian explains that you have to take responsibility for your life, own it, and be who you want to be, regardless of age. There’s no time in your life that you can’t live the life you’ve always wanted to live! All you need is a clear goal and the determination to pursue it. Dr. Dian herself is in her 60’s, and she’s still rocking her online presence through her various social media platforms! Who said baby boomers couldn’t learn how to use technology? Join in the conversation and be inspired to live agelessly!

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