How to Promote Curiosity in the Workplace

How to Promote Curiosity in the Workplace

You have probably taken a DiSC, MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, or other personality assessment. What you might not have taken yet is the assessment everyone is talking about, which is the CCI. The Curiosity Code Index™ (CCI) is a new assessment that tells you what inhibits your curiosity and helps you develop a plan to improve.

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TTL 578 | Hacking The Human Behavior

Hacking The Human Behavior with Susan Ibitz

You can understand people by simply looking at how they behave. Human behavior hacker Susan Ibitz of Human Behavior Lab has been hacking people for 27 years. Susan talks a little bit about her background, including being dyslexic, studying psychology, and producing a TV show. In this episode, she introduces her technique called hacking which includes face reading, personality assessments, micro-expressions, body language, deception detection, statement analysis, and forensic. Susan says culture equates to intelligence and offers ideas on how to treat other people based on their culture. She also gives examples of how different people from different cultures behave and shares how hacking the human behavior can be used in the hiring process.

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TTL 568 | Personality Measurement

Measuring Personality with Dr. Ron Warren

The core challenges for leaders are rarely a lack of competency, but in using self-management and interpersonal behaviors that are important to leadership. For people in leadership roles, personality and character traits either drive or derail performance in leading teams of talented professionals. Dr. Ronald Warren, a psychologist, and developer of the LMAP 360 personality assessment, talks about the importance of assessment and personality measurement in any organization. Through the LMAP 360,  he has helped many individuals succeed in life and business. Dr. Warren takes a deep dive into personality measurement, covering a lot of subjects along the way such as personality traits, emotional intelligence, cultural differences, and perception. He also shares some insights from his book, Personality at Work, and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

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TTL 247 | Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments with Merrick Rosenberg and Learning Never Ends with Julie Ann Sullivan

People have historically used personality assessments to increase self-awareness. Clearly, the most self-aware people are the most successful. Personality styles enthusiast and author Merrick Rosenberg says it’s powerful for that, but we’ve got to take it to a different place. It has to go beyond just taking a profile, reading it, and learning about your style. It should be about how we create a common language throughout the organization. That is the key to growth and learning.
We all want a workplace environment where we can be productive, engaged, and appreciated. Communication specialist and change steward Julie Ann Sullivan talks about her book, Blueprint For Employee Engagement, and what her company, Learning Never Ends, is doing to create a more positive workplace culture one person at a time.

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How to Get a Job: Why Employers Value Emotional Intelligence

Check out why it is so important to understand how your emotional intelligence may impact your ability to get a job.  If you are interested in reading the book by Daniel Goleman that I refer to here, it is called Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More than IQ.   In our book,  It’s Not You It’s Your Personality, Toni Rothpletz and I write about the major personality tests that employers use.  We include a very detailed chapter about the importance of understanding emotional intelligence in the workplace.