How to Promote Curiosity in the Workplace

You have probably taken a DiSC, MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, or other personality assessment. What you might not have taken yet is the assessment everyone is talking about, which is the CCI. The Curiosity Code Index™ (CCI) is a new assessment that tells you what inhibits your curiosity and helps you develop a plan to improve.

The Curiosity Code Index: What is it? The Curiosity Code Index™ (CCI) is the first and only assessment that determines the factors that inhibit curiosity. The CCI will help you create an action plan to transform individuals and organizations to help improve areas impacted by curiosity, including innovation, engagement, creativity, and productivity. By developing curiosity and the ability to communicate without fear of repercussions, second-guessing, or judgmental response, employees can be better aligned and emotionally committed to their jobs, which in turn, can lead to improved productivity.

Why is Curiosity Important? You can learn more about curiosity and the incredible list of people who have supported my research, including Steve Forbes, Keith Krach, Dave Ulrich, Verne Harnish, and so many others in this release. Also check out this presentation that will give you greater insight as to the importance of developing curiosity.

The Affiliate and Certification Programs: We offer a certification program and an affiliate program based on the Curiosity Code Index™. In case you are not familiar… let me tell you more about each one

The Affiliate Program for the CCI: Affiliate programs allow you to promote your favorite products and make income in the process. As an affiliate, you would receive a website link to share with people you think would benefit from taking the CCI. When people purchase using that link, you receive 20% of the sale price of the assessment. Here are some things you should know about the CCI affiliate program.

  • Participate for FREE, and there is no obligation on your part!
  • Get rewarded and make money while you sleep – we pay a generous 20% referral fee on every Curiosity Code Index sold!
  • Add value to your website, social media platform, blog, or article.
  • Be up and running TODAY – after you register, you will receive our “welcome package” email in 5 minutes with everything you need.
  • You can track your earnings in real-time.
  • We take care of everything – charging the credit cards, processing the orders, and providing any customer service necessary.
  • You receive an email notification every time someone purchases through you.
  • To find out more, you can go to

The CCI certification program is for HR professionals and leadership consultants who want to become certified to give the CCI and receive 5 hours of SHRM recertification credit. To learn more about that, you can go to CCI Certification Training.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me through my site at or email me at

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