What Makes A Leader: Life Shifting Vision With Rahul Bhandari

TTL 849 | What Makes A Leader

What Makes A Leader: Life Shifting Vision With Rahul Bhandari

Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King were two of the greatest leaders in history. The question arises: what makes somebody a leader? Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest today is Rahul Bhandari, a leadership expert featured in Forbes and award-winning author of Slingshot. Rahul discusses with Dr. Diane how a shift happens with entrepreneurs when they believe in a vision that transcends self-interest. When they dwell in that vision and lead others forward to achieving it, they become inspirational. Join in the conversation for more valuable insights on what makes somebody a leader. Tune in and learn to lead with commitment and significance!

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TTL 285 | Virtual Reality Learning

Improving Learning Experiences Using Virtual Reality With Anurupa Ganguly

The traditional classroom has always been a challenge to develop by the authorities. Every student has their way of learning, such as visual, auditory, and spatial learning. Combining these types of learners in one room with the conventional blackboard teaching may not be as effective as we thought it would be. Anurupa Ganguly, Founder and CEO of Prisms of Reality, shares the wonders of immersive virtual learning and how we can evolve the old-fashioned way of the current education system. Listen in the conversation and understand the advantages of adding interactions and virtual experience to improve learning conditions.

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TTL 713 | Myths In Entrepreneurship

Myths In Entrepreneurship With Rizwan Virk

There are numerous myths in entrepreneurship that have to be reexamined to mitigate the havoc that they could wreak on a fledgling business. Especially in a field as rapidly changing as technology, these myths in entrepreneurship must be adequately accounted for and deconstructed to ensure smoother sailing ahead. Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by Rizwan Virk, the author of Startup Myths and Models: What You Won’t Learn in Business School. Dr. Diane and Rizwan tackle some of the most harmful myths in entrepreneurship that could potentially do damage to the business you’re building. Ensure that you’re going down the right path with the help of Dr. Diane and Rizwan.

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TTL 574 | Unconscious Bias

The Path To Self-Discovery Through VU Dream with Mark Metry and The Truth About Unconscious Bias with Tony Chatman

Spending time on the internet is one way to divert yourself to cope with your personal struggles or issues in life. It’s time to make better use of that time as you discover the amount of opportunities to make money from being online. Mark Metry, the host of the Top 100 Humans 2.0 podcast and Founder of VU Dream, a growth agency in the VR/AR industries. Having 5.5M followers in his podcast, Mark shares his journey of self-discovery where he emerged creating one of the biggest servers, doing podcasts, and starting up VU Dream. Learn the importance of building your brand equity and relationships through consistency and honest communication with your followers in this inspiring conversation with Mark Metry.

Our environment has programmed and influenced our subconscious mind in ways we don’t really consider during our formative years. A lot of decision-making we made in our personal lives or in the workplace is based on our unconscious bias. Corporate relationship expert Tony Chatman examines the idea of unconscious bias happening in the subconscious level. As there are no studies that have a correlation between intelligence and bias, Tony says we need to be aware if we are likely to be biased in a particular situation. For Tony, if we not only believe that everything should be fair but also willing to work towards it, that desire actually begins to reduce our biases.
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TTL 542 | Brain Science

The Brain Science Of Perception, Virtual Reality, And Curiosity with Dr. Todd Maddox

Perception is dependent on the individual. Although we may be in the same world, we still perceive reality differently. CEO and Founder of Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting LLC, Dr. Todd Maddox, dives deep into the brain science of perception and virtual reality while tapping into curiosity. He takes us from a neurochemical standpoint and discusses how our perceptions could affect working with many different cultures and people. Dr. Maddox discusses where understanding and respect come into play, and how it removes the system of harassment that targets others. He also shares his insights on AI and augmented reality and the way they disrupt corporate learning with cultural immersion.