Why I Recommend Using Google Calendar for My Students

Why I Recommend Using Google Calendar for My Students

I personally have www.igoogle.com as my homepage.  I love everything Google right now.  I think that www.google.com/calendar is a great place for students to go to set up their calendars, plan their days and become organized for school.

Google gives their 7 reasons to use them in their article you can access by clicking here.  Here are the main reasons why I think it is helpful to college students:

  • You can share your schedule with family or friends or just be able to access your information anywhere. This is nice if you go out of town, aren’t around your computer or if your computer should crash.
  • You can set up reminders so that it notifies you when you have to do something such as study or take a test, etc.
  • You can sync to other applications like Outlook or transfer information to your Iphone or Ipad, plus more.
  • It’s FREE
  • You can import events and contacts into it that you may have had in another program.  

You will first need to create a free account.  You will want to start by reading their getting started guide by clicking here.

I would also suggest you read the article about how to set up notifications so that you will never be late for submitting another assignment by clicking here

If you have any more questions, you can find them in their forum by clicking here.

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