The Top 10 Most Asked Questions Regarding the Curiosity Code Index®?

With the January 28, 2019 launch of the book Cracking the Curiosity Code and the Curiosity Code Index® (CCI) assessment, I have noticed in many of the interviews I have given, there are similar questions that have come up, and I think they are important to address here.

1.     Can the CCI be taken without reading the book? Yes, anyone can take the CCI. However, I recommend that they read the book as well, to have a solid background regarding the importance of curiosity. The book, which is available as a hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audiobook version, refers to the CCI.

2.     Who should take the CCI? The CCI is for anyone in the business world who would like to get a baseline measurement on the factors that impact their curiosity as well as help creating an action for overcoming issues with curiosity. The audience of it would be the same as for the DiSC, emotional intelligence assessments, MBTI, engagement surveys, and other personality-based assessments. After January 28, 2019, anyone can take it at It is best to combine taking the assessment along with reading the book, Cracking the Curiosity Code.

3.     What does the CCI measure? The CCI measures four factors that impact curiosity, including fear, assumptions, technology, and environment (FATE). In a recent interview for Bestseller TV, I discussed those factors with Taryn Winter Brill.

4.     Is this a valid instrument? It took years of development to create the CCI. Factor analysis was performed to ensure the validity of the questions. The research for that process is scheduled to be published in a scholarly peer-reviewed journal.

5.     What does the CCI help improve? Developing curiosity could foreseeably launch the next movement to enhance human performance. It has been shown to be a critical and direct link to improving motivation and communication-based issues that challenge organizations. The company that can stimulate its worker’s curiosity can enhance employee engagement, emotional intelligence, innovation, productivity, and many other by-products that come with that intrinsic, but under-utilized attribute. By developing curiosity and the ability to communicate without fear of repercussions, second-guessing or judgmental responses, employees can be better aligned and emotionally committed to their jobs, which in turn, can lead to improved productivity.

6.     What makes the CCI different from other assessments? There is nothing like the CCI on the market. It took years of research to create this ground-breaking tool. Some assessments can measure whether someone is curious or not, but no other assessment can determine the impact of factors such as fear, assumptions, technology, and environment. The CCI provides insight as to what inhibits curiosity and provides training to help individuals create action plans to overcome those factors.

7.     Who should administer the CCI? Anyone can take the CCI. However, to get the most out of it, I recommend that organizations have a certified CCI provider administer it. HR professionals and leadership consultants can become CCI-certified at In the certification process, individuals learn how to administer the CCI and interpret the results. They will discover how to come up with essential leadership reports to help with developing curiosity at an individual level, and how to improve corporate practices that enhance downstream benefits that impact critical thinking, decision making, leadership, conflict resolution, teamwork, employee engagement, creativity, innovation, and productivity. Those who become certified to give the CCI will receive 5 hours of SHRM recertification credit. To learn more about whether becoming a certified CCI administrator is right for you, please check out this video:

8.     Why has CCI assessment and the book Cracking the Curiosity Code received so much attention? Right now, everyone is looking for solutions to help their organizations be competitive. There is much concern regarding how artificial intelligence and increased automation will impact jobs. Leaders realize they must be more innovative and align people to new positions as old positions become obsolete. However, there is confusion as to how to stay ahead in the innovation game. Many seek consultants to help them with problems with communication, soft skills, generational conflict, cultural issues, low engagement, emotional intelligence, and a host of other behavioral-based issues. That is why this is such an incredible time to release the CCI. By developing curiosity, an organization can work on becoming more engaged, innovative, and productive.

9.     Where can I find out more about the book and the CCI? All information is available at

10. What are the experts saying about “Cracking the Curiosity Code” and the Curiosity Code Index?

·        “Among its virtues, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s well-researched, highly useful and very timely book, ‘Cracking the Curiosity Code,’ gives critical advice for how to overcome the factors that hold individuals and organizations back from achieving their full potential.” Steve Forbes – Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

·        “Dr. Diane Hamilton provides us with the tools needed to examine our levels of engagement with these essential attributes critical to success. And she does it by focusing on that single trait that has been with us since birth, our curiosity. I hope you enjoy this insightful, yet delightful and informative read. You and your company will be better for it.” Keith Krach – Former Chairman and CEO of DocuSign

·        “Diane Hamilton gives you everything you need to know on curiosity, all wrapped in a book that surely will make you a better business manager or, for that matter, parent. ‘Cracking the Curiosity Code’ is a crackerjack book loaded with prizes.” Ken Fisher – Executive Chairman, Fisher Investments, New York Times Bestselling Author

·        “Curiosity is THE foundational talent which will continue to differentiate those who lead in their field, industry, and life. Diane has created a ground-breaking book and assessment to help people overcome the things that hold them back from being curious. Just as understanding the importance of emotional intelligence has led to success, developing curiosity could foreseeably be the next movement to enhance human performance.” Verne Harnish – Founder, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

·        “In ‘Cracking the Curiosity Code,’ Diane Hamilton not only illustrates how everything from newborns to click-bait ads harnesses our natural instinct for curiosity to succeed, but also sparks the curiosity of readers to be more inquisitive in their work and life.” Jay Samit – Serial Disruptor, Author of Disrupt You!

·        “The cost of learning is significantly less than the cost of ignorance. Curiosity may kill the cat, as the old saying goes; but, better yet, it kills ignorance. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s latest book, ‘Cracking the Curiosity Code,’ will certainly enhance your sense of curiosity.” Dr. Tony Alessandra – Founder of, Author of People Smart in Business

·        “In today’s turbulent world, personal curiosity leads to organizational creativity that leads to sustainable success. Diane Hamilton’s brilliant and useful book reminds us that curiosity can be acquired and mastered. Her insights, tools, and examples show us how to become more curious by observing, asking questions, learning, and improving.” Dave Ulrich – Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Partner, The RBL Group

·        “As organizations recognize the importance of engagement, emotional intelligence, and other soft skills, developing curiosity is the one overlooked factor that significantly impacts success. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s ground-breaking research explores the importance of curiosity and explains how to improve it for highly innovative workplaces where employees can make significant contributions, feel more empowered, and become aligned to what truly inspires them.” Kevin Kruse – Founder and CEO of LEADx, New York Times Bestselling Author

·        “I believe one of the most powerful ways to motivate ourselves is to ask questions. When we’re curious about what else we might do, how things work, and how others think, we get to live extraordinary lives. Dr. Diane Hamilton has written a phenomenal guide to our curiosity. Read it. Benefit from it. Enjoy a more fulfilling life!” Tom Hopkins – Hall of Fame Speaker, Author of When Buyers Say No

·        “‘Cracking the Curiosity Code’ is an eye opener. Reading self- and business-improvement books for decades, once in a while a new idea hits home as impactful, new, and important. This is one of those rare books that’s worth reading. Thanks to Diane Hamilton, I have a new secret weapon, and I intend to be far more curious going forward!Kevin Surace – CEO, Appvance, Technology Innovator and Speaker

·        “Great leaders “go beyond what is,” in themselves and in the world surrounding them. But before going beyond, each of us must first be courageous and curious enough to do so. ‘Cracking the Curiosity Code’ can help you and your team to “go beyond” and become true innovative leaders of life.” Kevin Cashman – Global Leader of CEO and Executive Development, Korn Ferry Bestselling Author of Leadership from the Inside Out and The Pause Principle

·        “Dr. Hamilton’s excellent exploration of curiosity as a quantifiable success metric will become a benchmark for future leadership courses and life coaches’ playbooks.Mike Federle – CEO of Forbes Media

·        “This book helps you to unlock human potential and excel as a great leader. It is a landmark book on curiosity. It is a must read. I wish I had this book long ago. I strongly recommend reading it!Professor M.S. Rao, Ph.D., – Father of “Soft Leadership,” Author

·        Dr. Diane Hamilton’s book, Cracking the Curiosity Code, made me value the virtue of curiosity even more. To think that curiosity leads one onto a path of greater success has inspired me even more to view life with utmost curiosity, especially when I encounter moments of fear or doubt. It’s a fantastically thought-enriching book with steps to help anyone through. Sister Jenna – Director, Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums & Host, America Meditating Radio Show

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Dr. Diane Hamilton is a nationally syndicated radio show host. She writes and speaks on curiosity, business, leadership, emotional intelligence, personality assessment, career, and education. She is the creator of the Curiosity Code Index (CCI). She is the author of multiple books including It’s Not Your It’s Your Personality, and her forthcoming book is titled, Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential. and

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