Top 25 Links to Change Your Body, Career and More


As the New Year approaches, it is common for people to consider making some changes.  Whether you are considering body-image changes, obtaining a degree, attempting weight-loss, or trying to reinvent your career, there are some top sites that may offer some help and advice.

  1. How to Lose Weight – The Basics of Weight Loss
  2. Are You Ready for Plastic Surgery?
  3. How to Reinvent Your Career
  4. 10 Steps to Obtaining Your Dream Job
  5. Create a Personal SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  6. How to Reinvent Your Resume with QR Codes
  7. How to Become a More Successful Student
  8. 15 Ways to Improve Writing Skills
  9. Top 20 Motivational TED Talks
  10. Improve Your Vocabulary
  11. Improve Your Self-Image
  12. Avoid Being Expendable at Work
  13. Learn Multi-Tasking
  14. Top Apps to Reach Health and Fitness Goals
  15. Improve Your Emotional Intelligence
  16. Pick Jobs and Education Based on Your Personality Type
  17. How to Receive an A in Your College Courses
  18. Learn Terminology Before Changing Careers
  19. Become Motivated by Commencement Speeches
  20. Discover Jobs that Pay Well
  21. Learn How to Control Your Emotions
  22. Learn from Top Entrepreneurs Who Hit it Big Before Turning 35
  23. Networking Tips for Your Small Business
  24. 50 Excellent Lectures for the Small Business Owner
  25. Use QR Codes to Promote Your Business

3 thoughts on “Top 25 Links to Change Your Body, Career and More

  1. This is a great list of resources! I especially liked numbers 3 and 12. I think you’ve covered just about every New Years resolution commonly made–now if only I could be motivated enough to stick to a single resolution throughout the entire year!

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