Casey Eberhart and Brent Morgan

Speaker and expert in the area of lead generation Casey Eberhart, and inventor Brent Morgan who currently holds 49 patents in the United States and abroad.


About Casey Eberhart

Casey Eberhart is a speaker and expert in the area of lead generation.  He has been an entrepreneur since his first business venture at the age of five. At the age of 22 he was made General Manager of a $22 million amusement park. Between toddler and adult Casey majored in Business Management and at Washington State University. After graduating, Casey made his way to Los Angeles where he found himself working as a Line Producer on feature films including the Oscar winning best picture Being John Malcovich. With his well-earned success in film Casey started his own production equipment rental company, Atomic Production Supplies.


About Brent Morgan

Brent MorganBrent Morgan is an inventor who currently holds 49 patents in the United States and abroad. As an entrepreneur, he has marketplace designs for high tech mobile, medical, renewable energy, exploration, satellite and military industries. Additionally, he has commercialized and sold five major product lines since his company’s founding in 1994. He is a passionate advocate for science and technology, particularly as it relates to product engineering, design & manufacturing. He focuses not only in solving problems but recognizing, and even predicting them before they materialize. Ultimately, he wants to participate in creating a less complicated and more interesting life for as many people in this world as possible. As one of his heroes and favorite inventors, Albert Einstein, famously said, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

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