Christy Rutherford & Joseph Bonner

Harvard executive leadership coach Christy Rutherford and CEO iCast TV radio Joseph Bonner

About Christy Rutherford

Christy RutherfordChristy Rutherford, a Harvard Business School graduate, is the President of LIVE-UP Leadership, a leadership development and training company. Christy is also a certified Executive Leadership Coach and assists companies with creating cultures of high performance. Christy Rutherford served over 16 years as an active duty Coast Guard officer. Among her many professional accomplishments, her national recognition includes the Coast Guard Dorothy Stratton Leadership Award, Cambridge Who’s Who Amongst Executives and Professionals, Career Communications STEM Technology All-Star and the Edward R. Williams Award for Excellence In Diversity. She is also a speaker and best-selling author, with five recently-released books, Shackled To Success, Heal Your Brokenness, Philosophies of Iconic Leaders Philosophies of Spiritual Leaders and Manifest Your Dreams.

About Joseph Bonner

Joseph BonnerJoseph Bonner is President and Chief Executive Officer of iCast Media, which includes iCast Radio Network, Legend Radio, and Legend Men’s Magazine. He is also CEO of DARIL BONNER PR, responsible for marketing, branding, and imaging of executives, business proprietors, and celebrities. Bonner works as Executive Producer and Host of the Joseph Bonner Reports, Legend TV and the nationally syndicated “Joseph Bonner Show” on iCast, Legend and iHeart Radio. He is a founder of Daril Bonner Mentoring, an independent San Diego private educational program that ran from 2009-2014. He has contributed inspirational commentary as content for shows including X-Factor Australia, truTV ‘s Court T.V., CBS Television program, People Magazine, the New York Times and NBC San Diego News.

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