Conspiracy Facts: Total Fearless Exposure Of The Truth With Ole Dammegard

Finding truth can be tricky, but once you do, you can also find incredible healing from it. Ole Dammegard greatly believes in this. As a global conspiracies expert, he is one to dive deep into looking for the truth, transforming the term conspiracy theory into conspiracy facts. In this episode, he joins host, Dr. Diane Hamilton, to share with us the story behind his quest for the truth. A truth-seeker, codebreaker, peacemaker, and Prague Peace Prize winner, Ole has extensive knowledge about some of the most fascinating conspiracy stories out there—from the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, and more. He gives us a peek into some of those while also discussing what makes a truth, what role mainstream media plays, and more. Follow this interesting conversation where conspiracies take on a whole new meaning and where the light aims into the darkness for a total fearless exposure of the truth.

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I’m glad you joined us because we have Ole Dammegard here. He is a global conspiracies expert. He was awarded the Prague Peace Prize. He has investigated some of the most fascinating conspiracy stories out there. If you’re interested in the assassinations of JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and Lady Di, the list goes on and on. It’s going to be a fascinating show.

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Conspiracy Facts: Total Fearless Exposure Of The Truth With Ole Dammegard

I am here with Ole Dammegard, who is a truth-seeker, codebreaker, peacemaker, and Prague Peace Prize winner. You name the list of awards he’s won, but what’s interesting is he’s dedicated many years to researching many of the global conspiracies. He focused on the truth behind the assassination of JFK, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King from John Lennon to Lady Di. This is going to be a fascinating show. I’m excited to talk to you, Ole. Welcome.

Thank you, Diane. Thank you for having me on your show.

It’s my honor. Conspiracy theories are fascinating and I have to know what got you interested in doing this because that’s a little bit of an unusual path to take.

First of all, I want to say the expression conspiracy theories were created by the CIA after the JFK assassination. It started to become a weaponized word from ’64 to ’67. This was done by design to be able to disqualify and make fun out of people who were trying to find out what happened in many of these big events. I’m interested in conspiracy facts and not interested in conspiracy theories.

I like to know that though. That’s good to know.

It’s how we’re being played when these big operations, in combination within that, there are psychological operations going on as well to diffuse any real attempts to find what is the truth behind them. I’m talking about, not everyone but some of these big events where people have been assassinated or there are other events like alleged false facts shooting analysts, terror attacks, and so on. It’s important to take one case at a time and then dig deep. That’s what I tried to do before I even say anything about it because it’s easy to jump to the conclusion, but the truth is the only thing that matters. I find that there’s incredible healing in truth. I’m in love with the truth because it’s beautiful. If there’s no investigation, it stands on its own. The only thing, I’m not saying that it’s easy, is to find it. That is the tricky one, but the truth itself is magnificent.

My next book is on perception and we all have a perception of the truth, to some extent. There are facts and there are figures, but some of them can be debated sometimes or different vantage points. How do you decide what the truth is?

This is a dangerous and difficult path to walk, but for instance, some things are facts. If somebody shoots another person and that person dies, the fact is one life has expired and somebody pulled the trigger. That’s not a question about perception. These are facts, one person is dead and one did it. Perception could be from seeing it from different angles or saying, “He did it because he was under a lot of pressure.” These are different things, but you can come down to certain facts, but when you get into the world of conspiracies, especially when big intelligence agencies are involved and so on, it can get tricky. You get into an area of multi-layered conspiracies done by design to confuse and with red herrings building, it’s smoke and mirrors on steroids. Pointing everywhere, inside an enigma, inside a labyrinth, dropped in a box on the bottom of the sea and somebody swallows the key. It can be extremely hard to find it, but it’s still there.

There are a lot of things that are going on in the media that everybody gets, on these trains of interest. They’re following along and there are discussions about Jeffrey Epstein, “Did he kill himself?” Whatever the big thing of the hour. I’m curious, have you researched Epstein at all? Do you think he was killed or do you think he killed himself? What’s your thought on that part of it?

Let me rewind the tape a little bit because what we’re looking at is, I will strongly suggest a global pedophile network that is connected to high levels in government and power structures. Where there are certain individuals that are supplying these chains with prostitutes, drugs, children, and whatever is needed. When you look at somebody like Jimmy Savile in England, and Jeffrey Epstein in the US, there are many similarities to these types of individuals. You’ve got Marc Dutroux in Belgium. You have people in most different countries that are part of supplying. I know it sounds awful, but that is what they’re doing. They’re supplying where the need is when it comes to bizarre stuff but it’s connected as well. It’s not only that they supply prostitutes, underage, or children into these sex rings. In the background, you will find intelligence agencies like the CIA. For instance, if we’re talking about Epstein, we saw this often there as well, hand-in-hand but it depends on what country it is but on an international level, these intelligence agencies are right behind them.

One of the things they use these networks for, and how Epstein was also invaluable was because he was collecting, incriminating evidence on loads and loads of people. It works like this. People are invited to like, “Come on and be one of the big boys now or the big girls. Let’s have a party. Let’s chill, you will meet a lot of celebrities and so on.” People are learning to these ambushes without knowing what’s going on. Suddenly, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes involuntary, they find themselves high on cocaine, in a bed with some prostitutes, and suddenly there’s a child there as well. Maybe they are out of their head on drugs. They don’t know what’s going on, but what they are not aware of is also that the whole thing is being filmed.

Meaning that at any point, if the individual starts saying, “I’m not up for this one. We have to stop it. It’s madness.” When they’re about to step forward with some information or whatever maybe, he would be approached and say by people like Epstein, and so on, and saying, “Before you decide to do that, please watch this video.” That’s how they got them by the balls. J Edgar Hoover was an expert on doing this. At least 50% of the FBI’s budget went into getting incriminating evidence against people in power positions in the US and this has expanded and expanded.

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To go back to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, what we’re looking at are operators on a lower level that is financed by these big power structures, including the agencies where the whole thing is set up as a massive, big international black male operation. At the same time, also a pedophile trafficking network where the people that are involved and part of this whole thing, there are no boundaries. They do whatever they want above the law. Someone like Jeffrey Epstein becomes extremely dangerous and suddenly he ends up somewhere where he can start explaining and telling about stuff, becomes a whistleblower. This is where now he was arrested but had he decided to step forward, he would become an extreme risk. That’s why people like him are taken up quickly.

When he got arrested, it was a matter of time either they’re going to stage the suicide or a heart attack, but that doesn’t sound to like to know or something like that, they will stop it. It will be stopped. Not because of Epstein himself but because of the network that he’s about to expose and Maxwell is the same. They have the same problem with her. The good thing about this is that this has been going on forever and ever. These horrible networks have been going on I don’t know when they started. I don’t understand either why people would be attracted to such horror with kids but that’s the way it’s been.

Over the years, what has happened is that it’s been centralized to fewer and fewer on an international level as well. For instance, the children that disappeared in Sweden. Sweden has always been high on the list when it comes to sex symbols, prostitutes. If it’s from Sweden in the sex world, it gets a plus and a higher price or whatever you want to say. This is where it’s important to expose these networks because many thousands of people, children, and teenagers go missing every single year and they go straight into these networks. It’s horrible but it’s important to stop.

Are you saying these agencies, you’re saying they’re government agencies?


How can somebody like Ghislaine not end up dead? Is it possible that she’s going to be able to say and expose this or are her days numbered?

They have a problem here because Jeffrey Epstein apparently died inside a high-security prison with surveillance and cameras. Unfortunately, the guards fell asleep so the cameras were not turned on. It’s BS. At that point, they didn’t see themselves as having a choice. Either his death was staged so that he didn’t die, which is standard. In many of these operations. They do FBI witness protection.

You’re thinking he could still be alive somewhere?

Yeah, easily. I would be surprised if he was dead, that I can say.

How come nobody’s talking about that? 

For instance, I interviewed a CIA whistleblower Chip Tatum. He was the pilot for all presidents from Richard Nixon and up to George Bush Senior. In the end, he was the commander of George Bush Senior private hit team called Pegasus, where they carried out at least fourteen assassinations in the Western world. This is not a beginner at all. One of the scales that he has, he was also one of the pilots in the Iran-Contra’s scandal flying C-130s down to Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, and then weapons out and drugs back into the US. He says that he has flown many times people where he’s been contracted as the pilot. His job was not to ask any questions, just fly the plane from here to there and be quiet. He said multiple times that he has flown people from the US to Canada that he started to look over his shoulder and like, “I thought you were dead.” He said it’s normal in these areas.

That’s where they can find Jimmy Hoffa maybe or Kenneth Lay?

TTL 741 | Conspiracy Facts
Conspiracy Facts: The problem with these cases is that there’s no picture side on it. You have to find the pieces, and it’s only when you start getting a complete picture that you start turning the whole thing around where the real image starts appearing.


No. Jimmy Hoffa, I’m sure I know what happened to him. That body was burnt right after he was assassinated. He was taken out on my birthday on the 30th of July, but that’s a mystery that will go on and on forever because he was cremated. They will never find the body.

What about Kenneth Lay? Is he still alive from Enron?

I don’t know that case. I have no notice about it.

He was in the middle of the trial, “I’m going to go away for life.” The thing or you don’t know and then all of a sudden he dies in the middle of his trial. It’s strange. There are a lot of these stories. The ones that people are most interested in and I’d like to touch on is JFK. Who killed him?

I can give you a short version. I can identify more or less all the shooters if you want to or where they were positioned, how they got to Dallas, and so on.

How many shooters were there?

I cannot answer that because there were many shooters. This was the ambush of a century. If you want to look at it from a point of the quality of ambushes, this was a five-star deluxe model. They carried it out incredibly well. There were multiple shooters all over Dealey Plaza because the thing is with these types of operations, they cannot fail. The target must not survive. If the target survives, it is a disaster on such a high level. Also with the risk of major blowback into all of these networks that were behind this. They have to take them out. That’s why there are always multiple shooters, a triangle of fire, or more. You asked who was behind it, JFK made a lot of people extremely upset, to say the least. It was especially after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

First of all, they have tapes where he said that he was the one that refused to have air support when they were trying to take over Cuba but that’s not true. It’s turned out later that it wasn’t JFK, but he took the responsibility for it. After that, he was hated by exiled Cubans and the CIA, and all of these people involved and the Mafia as well. They hated him for that. After the missile crisis in ’62, where we were close to a World War III and Kennedy was sitting more or less with a finger on the button that could have started this horror. People that were there said that he was sitting there almost with tears in his eyes saying, “I refuse to be the one that does this to the world.”

Even though the whole military-industrial complex was going, “Do it.” It’s almost like after that point, he was a rich guy coming from luxury and rich family, influential family, also a playboy much into women and so on. After that point, when he saw how close they had come to destroy this beautiful world and how strong the madness behind the scenes, where he said, “This is not going to happen. I will stop this. I am going to stop. If it would cost me my life, I will try to stop it.” It’s from that point, suddenly you see the incredible stuff that JFK did. He fired the top of the CIA, the holy cows of the CIA, like Allen Dulles. It’s big that he did that. He got rid of Bissell also. He went out and said, “I’m going to crush the CA into 1,000 pieces.” That statement on its own and then with all the action that followed meaning that the CIA was freaking out. He was also hated by J Edgar Hoover. They hated each other. Hoover and the FBI have had a strong hand in many of these different cases when it comes to preparing beforehand, preparing the patsy that is going to be blamed, and also the cover-up of the real evidence and the control over the investigation afterward, so that the real truth will not come up.

It was J Edgar Hoover who was going to be fired. Had JFK been reelected, the first thing he would have done would be to fire J Edgar Hoover. Instead, Kennedy died. J Edgar Hoover was in for life. Johnson was about to go to trial. He was standing trial for a lot of corruption, including eight murders, where one of the victims was his own sister, an alcoholic who was talking too much. Johnson was also about to go down. We’re talking within a few days, he would have gone down big time and was saved by this assassination. You have the mob, the organized crime, especially in down Carlos Marcello in Louisiana and Sam Giancana in Chicago. One of the things that made them obsessed was that the Chicago mob especially had helped JFK’s father to get JFK elected as president.

JFK and Nixon were the closest race ever. People think that it was a landslide. It was not at all. It was 100,000 votes that gave him the position as president and many of these votes came through the Chicago mob, where the mob went around on cemeteries and stuff and collected names to vote with these names. Giancana and Carlos Marcello and other the traffic count as well, felt, “We got you into the White House, now you owe us.” They thought the door was opened into the White House because they thought we are in this together.

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After this happened, suddenly JFK turned against them and put Robert Kennedy as a bloodhound chasing them. Up until then, the Mafia didn’t exist officially. J Edgar Hoover had turned the total eye to them because the Mafia had a J Edgar Hoover by the bullets. They had blackmailing photos of him and Clyde Tolson the second to the chief for the FBI in bed together. J Edgar Hoover neglected that the Mafia even existed. That’s why, when it finally was clear that the Mafia existed, he named it Cosa Nostra instead of saying, “No, it’s not Mafia. It’s Cosa Nostra.” Bobby Kennedy started this witch hunt and had more than 700% more verdicts against mob members in one year than before. They were freaking out as well.

He turned against the Federal Reserve saying, “We’re going to back out this strangulation grip from this Federal institution,” which is not federal. It’s private. It’s extremely a criminal organization, the Federal Reserve Bank. “We’re going to pull it out from that and we’re going to create a new currency based on silver, meaning we get out of the grip from them.” That is the head of the snake. We don’t mess with them. Abraham Lincoln tried and what happened to him? JFK tried, see what happened to him. He wanted to pull out of the Vietnam War.

At that time it was a French War before, and the US involvement hadn’t started. There were only American Military advisors as they were called. A lot of them were CIA in Vietnam, up until the death of JFK and he said, “I’m going to pull everyone out.” That whole thing started. It was only when Kennedy’s body wasn’t even cold before Johnson signed the legal document. That’s started the Vietnam War on the US Army. That whole war was based on drugs that were the whole thing. The big thing around this was drugs, and then also the whole military-industrial complex in the background. He was going hard when it comes to Israel and the nuclear program that he wanted to ban that. He was upsetting many people. It was almost like you could hear all of these guns getting cocked around him, like, “Click.” They started aiming more and more at him.

The assassination was carried out itself on a street level, was like an unholy alliance between the mob, the CIA, The Secret Service, the Dallas Police, the military-industrial complex, some Oil Barons and you had the FBI all of it in one big mix. What was done, it was like with the assassination of Julius Caesar. He was stabbed by all of these different people at the same time. The reason for that wasn’t to make sure that he died. It was that everybody would dip their hands in blood so that no one could tell on the other ones or blackmail anyone. Everyone had to bring in shooters and this is where we see when the assassination itself occurred that it comes from these different groupings, all of them supply shooters. The key group in the assassination was a group called Operation 40.

As you’re talking about this and you had mentioned Johnson’s sister talking too much. Is that why Marilyn Monroe died from talking too much?

You jump into some big cases here. Marilyn Monroe became a danger because she knew too much. This was a woman who was beautiful, but she wasn’t mentally super stable. She was used as a sex symbol, as a sex toy by the agencies, by the Mafia, and so on and was given as a courtesy gift. When foreign leaders came to visit the US, she was used as a prostitute, but that also got her into a world where she started seeing more and more about what was going on. The connection with the Mafia, the White House, and all of these things. Also, she got involved with both the Kennedy brothers and there’s a good possibility that she might have been pregnant with JFK’s baby when she was taken out. She also was in a relationship with Sam Giancana or he forced her.

It came to a point where she started saying, “I’ve had enough.” JFK turned his back on her when she started becoming too much. It was also a massive risk. You told me in the early ’60s when morale was officially high. He was a married man with a first lady. From Marilyn Monroe to suddenly appear on his doorstep saying, “Choose me instead,” didn’t work. She was becoming more and more of a problem. Robert Kennedy tries to slow it down and shut her up. She wouldn’t listen. She got involved with him as well. He turned his back on her and everything fell apart. She was almost stalking JFK with many phone calls to the White House and also starting to threaten, “If you do this to me, I will.” That’s when she signed her own death warrant.

That wasn’t an accident, not an overdose. It was somebody who made sure she overdosed.

She was murdered 100%.

I’m remembering her. She had a dog named Maf after Mafia that Sinatra gave her. Am I getting that right? It’s a little bit of Marilyn memories from things I’d read.

This is the thing that is confusing at the beginning. It’s easy to think that the CIA is one thing. The FBI, the Mafia, and the government are one thing and so on but it’s not like that once you get behind the scenes. It’s all entangled. The Mafia and the CIA are almost like two sides of the same coin. You just see it from different angles. It’s interactive. It’s a tricky area to get into because our mind wants a simple question, “Why did he die?” but it’s not. When you get into this area, you have to step carefully and then keep digging, and then you might be able to find a clear picture of what happened. Her assassination is advanced. There are several different things that happened that night.

TTL 741 | Conspiracy Facts
Conspiracy Facts: There is a dark empire, an invisible power structure, that is ruthlessly rolling out their agenda under the name of the New World Order, where anyone that stands in its way will be destroyed.


Like what?

It’s been a while since I was in this one, but the FBI had bought her a house because of the dangers. She was a danger, especially when she got started with pills and alcohol. She started to talk too much and this is what these dark forces do not want. They fear the truth about anything else. The FBI had bought her house, but also without the FBI knowing their Mafia had also bought it. The whole house was filled with microphones. This day she was upset so Peter Lawford and Robert Kennedy who was visiting California that day. They heard that she was becoming too much and she was starting to threaten, they went to her house to try and calm her down.

One of the people that followed them was a doctor. Robert Kennedy ordered the doctor to give her an injection just so she calms down and which they did. She calmed down. She was asleep. I’m sorry. It’s been years since I’ve been bringing into it. If there are any details that are not correct, please read my books instead. They leave Marilyn Monroe thinking that she’s calmed down. She’s asleep. Now everything is okay. This is a villa and it’s quite isolated at the end of the street. It’s hard to see in. When they left the building, the Mafia who had been overhearing this whole conversation and what was done, saw a perfect opportunity to go in, kill her and blame it on Robert Kennedy to nail Kennedy and let that destroy the empire of JFK.

When Peter Lawford and Robert Kennedy left with a doctor as well, the Mafia came in. There were four guys. Some of them were flown in from Chicago, James Files, the man that is in the JFK assassination, the shooter behind the picket fence. He was the driver because we’re talking about one year or so before the assassination of JFK. He drove. One of the guys was Chuckie Nicoletti, who was another of the shooters at Dealey Plaza. There were three other mobsters that came with him to Los Angeles. When Robert Kennedy and the other people left, these guys moved in and she was already unconscious more or less. What they did was they put up barbiturates and then they held her there until she was dead. The whole idea was that she would be found dead. There would be a lot of evidence showing that Robert Kennedy had been there. She had a diary that everybody feared and was left there so that it would point to them.

The mobsters pulled out and left it like that waiting for her to be discovered. Here’s where it gets complicated because then she’s first found dead. Kennedy is called saying, “You killed her.” Kennedy freaks out and Peter Lawford and the other people. They come back and with the people from the FBI. What they do is they think that they killed her. They don’t know that the mob was there. Kennedy is like, “We need to clear the whole place.” What they did was vacuum the whole place and anything that could point towards Kennedy, vanished, including her diary, everything. There were two ambulances involved because she was first driven in one ambulance then they said, “No. Wait. Come back.” She was taken back and then, later on, she was then officially found dead and there was another ambulance that picked her up there. There were many things going on during this thing. To the day that Robert Kennedy died, he believed that he was indirectly responsible for Marilyn’s death. That was also one of the reasons why he waited until ’68 to step forward.

How did you find out about the Mafia? How does that information become available to you? 

As you said, it’s 40 years of my life. I traveled to 50 countries. I’ve been to more or less every location where there are terror attacks that happened, many mass shootings and the sites of these biggest assassinations. I’ve spoken to I don’t know how many witnesses. I’ve read 700 books about the JFK and these other cases and also all the documentaries. I’m quite close to some of the people around the assassination of the JFK, witnesses like Judyth Vary Baker, the mistress of Lee Harvey Oswald. They’re personal friends of mine. I’ve been able to collect a lot of information from many different sources and then it is a matter of putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle. The problem with these cases is that there’s no picture side on it. You have to find the pieces, how they fit together and it’s only when you start getting quite a complete picture that you start being able to turn the whole thing around and on the bottom side of this jigsaw, that’s where the real image starts appearing.

It’s fascinating because a lot of people will write a book or come out with ideas because it sells. It’s exciting because you don’t know the answer. To hear somebody who’s done this research is fascinating. Usually, people pick 1 or 2 cases but you’ve done many cases. I know I’m picking some of the biggest ones because I’m picking the ones that interest me maybe. I know you wrote about Lady Di as well. That’s another huge case and I’d love to get your insights on that one.

I want to say this whole thing about the right books to earn a million, it’s great unless you write about the real truth. When you go into the area of real truth, the only thing that will meet you will be threats and a total conspiracy of silence around you. You will be met with silence. There will be no testimonials. You can’t be marketing this. There are no agents that would take them on. I spoke to a guy who was involved in one of these agencies. He said, “When you look at these operations, the big ones, there are always two conspiracies going on. One, the case itself, assassination, mass shooting, or whatever it is and the second one is like a secondary conspiracy of silence as the silence that follows.” How is that accomplished? That went back into the network of Jeffrey Epstein and networks where they have people in it under control.

Many of these cases are no-brainers. It would take you anything from 35 seconds to 2.5 minutes if you start looking at some of the facts, like the killing of Robert Kennedy. You can right away see, “There’s something wrong here.” After all of these years, we’re still, “Was it Sirhan Sirhan or was it not? Was it Lee Harvey Oswald or was it not?” It was not. “Was it Mark Chapman?” You always get pushed back into the official’s narrative. For instance, Robert Kennedy said that he was shot by Sirhan Sirhan. He is a Palestinian young guy with no violent background, nothing behind him, and no real motive. This guy had a .22. It was inside a tight little kitchen area at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Robert Kennedy was being led out. He had just won the elections that would open the door to the White House. He was a rock star at that time, the whole Kennedy name, everything was prepared.

Also, I would say that I chose to believe that Robert Kennedy, his plan was him the president and Martin Luther King was the vice president. We’re talking about the exact same power structure, some of the same assassins that have also been used in all of these cases. First, they took out Martin Luther King hoping that they would scare off Robert Kennedy from continuing. They took out Martin Luther King for many different reasons, but that was one of the reasons, but he did not back off. He didn’t back down. They had to do it again or that’s how they decided to do it anyway. They come into the kitchen area where it’s totally against where he was supposed to be led. One of his own people directed him into this kitchen area that was packed with people.

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While he was shaking hands with the kitchen staff, suddenly Sirhan Sirhan jumped out in front of him and at no point were he closer than 3 to 6 feet. He emptied his revolver. There were eight bullets in this gun. As soon as he started shooting people, people jumped him and wrestling down on the steam table where they took away the gun from him. Eight bullets are everything you had. When you look at that, there were many more bullet holes found, including five other people wounded. It could be possible. Robert Kennedy was standing face-to-face with him. He had no point where he’s turning away from him or anything like that and yet all the three shots that hit Robert Kennedy came straight from behind and to the right, at an up going angle. The last shot was fired right behind his right ear where it even burnt away the hair from his skull. Meaning, it was almost point-blank. If the official shooter is no closer than 3 to 6 feet right in front of him, how can he fire three shots from behind and to the right? He cannot.

Any investigator, any honest person, anyone that looks into it within 2, 3 minutes, “The shooter must have been standing behind him and to the right,” which were multiple witnesses pointed out an armed guard but there were more shooters in that. We’re back to the triangle of fire in this kitchen. I’m saying this poor, innocent man Sirhan Sirhan whose only problem that he was weak mentally so that he was open to hypnotism because he is one of the cases where MKUltra is obvious, this case and there are a few other ones. Otherwise, normally these assassinations are carried out by professionals and then blamed on patsies. This guy Sirhan Sirhan after all of these years, he’s still in prison. He’s still rotting away because we are too asleep or too lazy to do something about it and that is not okay for me.

Do you worry that people are going to do something to you because of undercover operations and finding out about what you’re doing? How do you protect yourself?

I don’t. The thing is when you start digging into this thing you see quickly, I’m not talking about liking things on Facebook. I’m talking about breathing down their neck and starting to expose them, then your life turns dangerous. I can tell you that. This is not a comfortable place to be. I’ve had two friends murdered around me. I had a visit at home. I moved from Sweden. We moved quite urgently and left Sweden. In the year 2000, I’ve been living in Spain ever since. It’s because of this. You asked me, yes, and I had multiple death threats. My life is like a cheap B movie. I’m surrounded by people that I don’t know who they are. Have they got hidden agendas? These are people from the NSA, Pentagon, FBI, and the CIA. The CIA is the one where I have close friends or former agents but also from MI6, the Swedish Security Police, and also military. All people with the information that are approaching me as friends and I do not know who they are. If I make a mistake, it’s game over, Mr. Dammegard.

I understand being curious. I’m a curiosity expert and I understand why you want to know the answer, but what keeps you going after this?

Sometimes I ask myself as well because I’ve got a family and I put them on the line. My intention is peace, healing, and be part of lifting this world to a whole new level where we are not being messed with. Overall of these years, what I’ve found and what many other researchers found is that there is a dark empire, an invisible power structure that is ruthlessly rolling out their agenda under the name of the New World Order agenda where anyone that stands in its way will be destroyed. From day one, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s bullies or when innocent people get hurt. I can’t take it. Like if I was in a schoolyard and there would be this bully that looks scary, I would do everything I could to try and collect courage and stand up against this individual. Here is the same, but on a much bigger scale.

There are some that are still in the news that could be dangerous too. How about Trump? Where does he fall in this? Do people see him for what he is or is he one of the ones you look into?

What is he? This is the question.

Did he get in there in a roundabout way or do all presidents get in a way that we don’t even realize?

I would say, I’m not so not interested in politics. A friend of mine was asked if you’d vote him. He said, “No, I do not support organized crime.” I thought that was a brilliant way to say it drastically. When you start seeing people in powerful positions, it’s like they’re only allowed up to a certain level before they will be tested. Are they corrupt? Are they willing to be loyal to the cause of this higher power or whatever you want to call them? If they are not, they will not be allowed in on that every day. I have that from an insider. Meaning up on that level, you can’t trust zero. You can’t trust any of them. It’s shark waters. In my way of seeing it is that the last real elected president and he has also come in there by illegal means through the mob was JFK. After he was taken out, that power structure that took him out is still in place. The first one that has been able to possibly threaten that is Donald Trump. If he is who he says he is.

Even Obama?

Yeah. I’m sorry to say that because he’s a beautiful man with a beautiful voice and such nice manners. He is fantastic. He is 100% in on it. His real name isn’t even Barack Obama.

TTL 741 | Conspiracy Facts
Conspiracy Facts: There’s so much going on where mainstream media is not showing the real picture. We have to find out about them ourselves because it is affecting our lives in different areas that most people have no idea about.


You’ve got to tell me that. You can’t leave me hanging. What’s his real name?  

His real name is Barry Soetoro. He is a former CIA operative who trained under a guy and I can never remember the name. He was prepared as the next president. When you start understanding what’s going on, you have to get a helicopter view before things start making sense. This is where you get into these secret networks and groups like the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Skull and Bones. That’s when you start seeing and they’re all connected to the Masonic free networks. That’s where you start seeing the players. They’re still not the top players, but they’re way above governance and presidents.

It’s on that level. They are the ones that are part of selecting presidents and prime ministers. I know that this might sound shocking to some people. It certainly was shocking to me when I started finding out these things. I’ve been shocked for years while digging into these things but when you start seeing how things work, for instance, I knew way before Clinton was elected president, that he was the next president. I knew way before Tony Blair in England was the new prime minister. He is selected. It’s obvious. They get invited to the Bilderberg meeting. I don’t know if your audience is aware of these organizations, are they?

I’m not sure.

If you don’t see that layer, then you will miss the whole point. You won’t be able to figure it out because then you stand and look at this from a street-level point of view where you looking at the politics and you’re saying, “Should I vote there?”

Is there any reason to vote at all, if you’re a citizen?

I’ve never ever voted. The thing is the system is the same in more or less all democratic countries. It’s like me I have a hand, imagine my hand. You’ve got five fingers. I’ve got one left, one finger right, and then in the middle, you’ve got three fingers, which is normally like three minor parties so you can be a Democrat or this or you can be right, left or you can be this and this. The thing is the whole secret to the whole thing is the hand belongs to me. It doesn’t matter who you choose, it still belongs to me the power behind the screens behind the veils. This is also why nothing changes. You will have a different front cover, but the structure behind them. You will see that when a new president comes into the White House, a major part of the structure behind him stays the same.

I alluded to Lady Di. Maybe in a few sentences of who you think killed her. Highlight on that one.

Lady Di is 100% murder. The reason why she was taken out, it was not because of a Muslim lover or that she had a baby with him. I would say when it comes to these types of cases on that level, it’s not one reason. It’s multiple reasons that make the cup flow over. It’s too much. We need to take this guy out. With her, one of the major things was that she knew way too much about the British Royal Family, actually German, but the British Royal Family. Too many of these secrets and the British Royal Family are key in extremely high activities in a dark way. She knew way too much from the inside. What got her killed was that she got involved in anti-landmine. She is about to start a whole campaign against landmines and landmines are key to many of these operations where the New World Order is using the US Military and NATO, which is also their creation to occupy enemy territory.

First, they demonized the leader of that country and then they go and free the country. It’s absolute BS. The whole thing is to take over that place. Most of the time it’s because of minerals, oils, or whatever. Sometimes it’s because of the strategic location so they can land and refill planes and whatever. The landmines are there to clear the area from normal people, to get them out of the way so that there would be no interference with poppy fields or military basis. The landmines are important for them. It’s being used all over the world. When Diana a woman that was loved by millions of people that wouldn’t care otherwise, when she started doing this, suddenly there were many people starting to point in the focus on this whole thing, which would have made a massive problem for these operations. I believe that was the reason. The reason she was killed and the reason JFK was killed was similar. They were too popular. If they said something, millions and millions of people reacted.

This is all extremely fascinating. I’m listening to this and it’s like watching an incredible movie that you’re like, “That was interesting.” I’m sure a lot of people are going, “How do we know that you’re not planning these stories? How do we know that you know what you’re talking about?” Do you know what I mean? I’m sure you get that.

I say question everything, question me, and question the official story, question it all. Instead of disregarding, if you’re interested, then start digging into it more and more. I have two questions that I always ask. Number one, “Is it true? Whatever I’m being told, is it true? How can I know that it’s true?” It’s like you’re asking me. You cannot. Maybe I’m full of it. Who knows? Number two, when it comes to these operations, you have to ask yourself, “Who benefits from me believing this?” That is often a way of getting closer to the real truth.

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Everything that you work on is fascinating. I could talk to you all day. I have many more questions, but I found this fascinating. I know my audience has to as well. I know they’re going to want to know more about how they can follow you and read your books. How can they follow you?

My website is Light On Conspiracies because that is what I’m trying to do. Total fearless exposure where the light and the truth does the job. It’s a matter of aiming the light into the darkest of the dark corners of the belly of the beast. It’s I’ve got a membership area. I’ve got a monthly newsletter. My family name has been turned into a verb. Dammegard or #Dammegard means to find hidden clues that can lead and stomp to an upcoming plan, massacre, or false flag operation. Up to date, I have on international radio exposed 59 alleged terror attacks up to two months before they happen. How can I do this? Invite me back one day and we can go into these areas but you can see in the membership area on their newsletter archives, this is when I said it, that’s when it happened. One of the things that I’ve been trying to do is share the knowledge about how to find these clues and why they put the clues there to start with. With the whole intention of creating a peaceful, beautiful world for all of us.

When you look at the world, it looks mad. I tell you, it is not mad at all. It’s a fantastic place, but there is a small little group, or like a cancerous growth that is there that will kill us from within if we do not expose this. Even though it is painful and smelly too, and scary, sometimes we have to expose this darkness for the body and this globe to be able to heal. This is my intention. I am more than tired of these conspiracies I tell you, but it’s one of the things that they use against us because many beautiful people that have stood up for things that are true, right, and honorable have been taken out. Many of these alleged terror attacks are inside jobs. There are to scare us into obedience so that we will accept more and more surveillance cameras, Robocops, you name it. There’s so much going on where mainstream media is not showing the real picture, but we have to find out ourselves because it is affecting our lives in many different areas that most people have no idea about.

I appreciate you shedding light on these fascinating stories and all the research you did, and I’m sure everybody’s going to find this fascinating. This was interesting. Thank you for being on the show. I enjoyed it.

Diane, can I finish with a prayer?

Yes, please.

It’s because these things are quite dark and people get shaken around by them. I am not religious, but I have this prayer that I love. It goes like this, “May the entire universe be filled with peace, joy, love, and light. That’s the entire universe, every single little corner. May everyone and especially the ones who heard us be filled with peace, joy, love, and light. May the light of truth overcome all of the darkness, so victory to that light.”

I can’t think of a better way to end the show. Thank you, Ole. I enjoyed meeting you and thank you for sharing.

Thank you, Diane.

You’re welcome.

I’d like to thank Ole for being my guest. We get so many great guests. This was such a great show. I hope you join us for the next episode of Take The Lead Radio.

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