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Do Not Take Another Online Course!

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Do not take another online course without first reading:

The Online Student User’s Manual by Dr. Diane Hamilton

The Online Student User’s Manual will show you —

  • What you need to know about computer and software requirements
  • How to use the search engines and upload assignments
  • How to organize and manage your time
  • How to track and schedule your assignments
  • How to communicate effectively with your professors and fellow students
  • How to maximize your grade
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • How to create measurable goals and stay motivated
  • How to prepare for tests…and so much more.

If you are considering enrolling in an online university, there are plenty of books that will help you decide on the right school or find the money you need to finance your higher education. But if you want answers to all your other questions too, The Online Student User’s Manual takes you where no other manual has gone before—deeply into the online learning experience. Not sure if you have enough computer skills or know how to navigate in cyberspace? Intimidated by all the new terminology? The Online Student User’s Manual will allay your fears and frustrations, as it provides you with information that will make you able to successfully traverse the online halls of learning. Author Diane Hamilton, Ph.D., who teaches bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level courses for six online universities, has taken her years of experience with first-time students to create a user-friendly manual filled with enough how to’s and valuable advice to make you a truly successful student.

The Online Student User’s Manual is the only “go-to” resource you will need to help you master the world of online education.

About the Author:

Diane Hamilton currently teaches bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level courses for six online universities. Along with her teaching experience, she has a Doctorate Degree in Business Management and more than twenty-five years of business and management-related experience. After many years of teaching online students, Dr. Hamilton discovered there was a need for developing basic life skills in young adults. Her book and articles reflect this focus. Dr. Hamilton is the author of How To Reinvent Your Career and co-author of The Young Adult’s Guide to Understanding Personalities. To find out more about her writing, check out or email her directly at

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