Kevin Cojanu and Maria Keckler

Experts discuss virtual internships and improving team performance. Kevin Cojanu is part of a startup at Polestar Experiential Learning. Their virtual internship program enhances learning opportunities while preparing in…



About Kevin Cojanu

Ken Cojanu is part of a startup of individuals who are focused on the craft to providing experiential learning to build a future workforce of successful leaders for the future.  Polestar Experiential Learning is a program that enhances learning opportunities while preparing individuals for a successful transition into a first career; or by further developing professional competencies, individual strengths, and needed techniques that will differentiate them in their current organization. They aim to empower individuals to mobilize and test themselves, to help them navigate toward an amazing career opportunity and journey.


About Maria Keckler

Maria Keckler is an executive coach, best-selling author, speaker, and trainer. Maria works with high potentials, C-level executives, and their teams to lower turnover and improve capacity and performance through executive integration of measurable data and proprietary tools that improve performance. Representative clients Include Sony Electronics, HP, Bank of America, Costco, Miriam Hospital, Cal Poly, and many more companies across dozens of industries, including life sciences, technology, financial, education, real estate, and many more.

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