Marilyn Carroll & Joseph Hunt

Academic business executive Marilyn Carroll and business development expert Joseph Hunt

About Marilyn Carroll

Marilyn CarrollMarilyn Carroll is an academic and business executive, visionary, entrepreneur, author, radio personality, turnaround expert, and transformational leader with 20 plus years of progressively achieving or exceeding desired business outcomes. She is known for changing unproductive ‘at risk’ operational practices into successes.


About Joseph Hunt

Joseph HuntJoseph Hunt is a life coach who helps others Rise up and live their life to the fullest. He believes we all deserve to live a life filled with more joy, excitement and purpose! He has extensive business development experience and helps others develop a specific brand message or product and how to market and sell it effectively. As a content strategist, he teaches others to extend the influence of their audience by helping them utilize strategic branding software that helps them create a more personal connection with their following and to build raving fans that will help build your brand.

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