Peter James and Russell Boon

Startup and teamwork expert Peter A. James and author preparedness expert Russell Boon


About Peter James

Peter A. JamesPeter A. James is passionate about helping Organizations, Startups, and Business-Minded Individuals increase sales and revenue through improved collaboration, teamwork and accountability. He provides onsite training, onsite workshops and individual and team coaching which focuses on strengthening your leaders and ultimately, your employees – which in turn, will increase sales and revenue. He is a Certified Business & Leadership Coach; Employee-Engagement Consultant; Business Writer; Business and Entrepreneurship Professor.


About Russell Boon

Russell BoonRussell Boon is one of Australia’s foremost emergency management consultants, putting into place emergency management plans to keep the public safe at shopping centers and major business precincts. He writes and speaks regularly regarding emergency management response, preparedness and decision making under adversity. Russell has been immersed in the emergency management world since 1987, having served with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service for 20 years attending more than 4,000 emergency incidents. Russell Boon is the author of the recently released book ‘Think | Decide | Act – How to make effective decisions fast using emergency protocols’.

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