Star Trainer Recommends Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Effective Instruction (Interview)

With the upcoming release of our book, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality, there has been a lot of interest in interviews about personality assessments and training.  In our book, Toni Rothpletz and I dedicate a chapter to each of the important personality tests, including a chapter for Myers-Briggs and Emotional Intelligence.

I recently was interviewed for a piece on Bloomfire.  Some topics we discussed included:

  • Things that  have influenced my approach to training
  • The importance of EQ
  • Valuable books to improve EQ levels
  • How to apply learning about EQ to corporate training

   To read the entire interview, click here.

7 thoughts on “Star Trainer Recommends Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Effective Instruction (Interview)

  1. Hello Dr. Hamilton,

    I took the Myers-Briggs years ago and I learned so much about my personality type. In fact, it is after taking the Myers-Briggs that I looked up careers that might suit the qualities that I possess so that I wouldn’t be getting into environments that didn’t compliment my personality. Thank you for providing the link to the Myers-Briggs foundation site. I might just retake it again,

    Thanks again

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