New Study by Krux Digital Shows Data Leakage on Popular Websites


Data leakage occurs when an external entity, often without a publisher’s consent, collects data about a user while the user is on the publisher’s website. Krux Digital has recently released information from their study that found tracking tools on major websites were installed without the company’s knowledge.

According to key findings include:

  • 31% of all data collection was enabled by parties other than the publisher, often without their control or consent
  • 55% of all companies collecting data on a Web site also brought in other companies to collect data as well
  • 27% of all collection was conducted by parties that are potentially competitive to publishers in media or data sales
  • 167 different companies were observed participating in active data collection across just fifty publisher sites, few of whom appeared to be doing so in the publishers’ interest or at their request

To find out more about these results, click here.

One thought on “New Study by Krux Digital Shows Data Leakage on Popular Websites

  1. We all need information. What else is an advantage but the pursuit of something with information that others do not possess? however, to get it in an underhand manner is disconcerting to its giver…especially when he doesn’t know he’s doing it.

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