The Communication Connoisseur With David Delaney and Elevating Engagement Levels With Lisa Ryan

TTL 626 | Elevating Engagement

The Communication Connoisseur With David Delaney and Elevating Engagement Levels With Lisa Ryan

Communication is key when it comes to connecting people. David Delaney, known as The Communication Connoisseur, helps companies reach their people through comprehensive marketing communication workshops and coaching. Not only is he a keynote speaker but also a Winner of the American Marketing Association award and has authored the book called New Business Networking which explores online and tips, offline tools, and techniques to grow and nurture your professional network for your business career by communicating the right way. Today, David talks about the importance of communication and connecting with people as well as where we fail in our communication with them.

People that don’t love what they’re doing and aren’t aligned well can create engagement issues in the workplace. Award-winning speaker and gratitude expert Lisa Ryan works with clients to develop employee and client engagement initiatives and strategies that keep their top talent and best clients from becoming someone else’s. Her expertise includes strengthening workplace culture, improving employee engagement, increasing customer retention, and initiating gratitude strategies. She joins us today to talk about her company, Grategy, the power of gratitude and reaching out, and elevating engagement levels.
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TTL 572 | Culture Driven Business

The Importance Of A Culture-Driven Business with Dr. Oleg Konovalov and How Relationship-Oriented Workspaces Lead To Success with Zvi Band

Culture and relationships are key to the development of any organization. Thought leader, author, and international speaker Dr. Oleg Konovalov teaches us the importance of culture in all aspects of our life. Dr. Konovalov has over 25 years of experience operating businesses and consulting Fortune 500 companies both in the UK and internationally. Leaning on ideas such as curiosity and the Dunning-Kruger effect, he emphasizes the importance of blending curiosity and culture, and engaging leaders to care in the workplace in order for people to move closer towards development. Listen in closely as he examines how negative and positive culture affects new ideas and a company’s performance.

Zvi Band, the Co-Founder and CEO of Contactually – an intelligent CRM platform for relationship-oriented businesses – recounts how they started their company and its core functions in the real estate arena. Zvi is also the author of Success Is in Your Sphere: Leverage the Power of Relationships to Achieve Your Business Goals. He shares what led him to the creation of Contactually and goes through a relationship-building strategy he acronyms CAPITAL.
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TTL 312 | Turning Followers Into Leaders

Turning Followers Into Leaders with David Marquet and Creating Strong Memories with Chloe Doesburg

One thing most people do not get about leadership is how it is not all about telling people what to do, but making people learn how to move themselves. David Marquet, author of Turn the Ship Around and the creator of Intent-based Leadership, is all about turning followers into leaders. Sharing his experience as a submarine commander, he talks about what he has learned about leading people and getting them to do things by stepping back and letting the team speak up.


Chloe Doesburg, CEO and Co-founder of Driftscape, is also on to moving people by giving them great experiences when traveling and exploring places. She has created an application and a platform that supports culture and history for organizations to share site-specific stories. Chloe shows us the joy of being able to travel by really understanding the places that we visit. She talks about creating strong memories while showing the great features of Driftscape.
TTL 290 | Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions In Circles with Dan Hoffman and Engaging In Tough Conversation with Jessica Pettitt

Fostering deeper learning with deeper connections in learning environments and meeting spaces is Founder of, Dan Hoffman. is a video platform to make it easy for small groups to help each other work and grow. Dan shares what it is all about and how it can effectively create enduring connections. Used by schools like the Harvard Business Schools, he shows how it addresses a common problem with the learning experience, which is what happens after when the meeting is over. Dan shares the structures of that helps with this as well as the three things to have breakthrough sessions, how to get people to stay with their tasks, and how to get different kinds of participants involved in a meeting.


Many people flinch at the thought of having tough conversations, delving into controversial topics, and facing issues that they would never thought of otherwise. Jessica Pettitt is an expert at breaking through this dilemma. Referred to as the Margaret Cho of diversity trainers, she merges politics, humor, identity, and local flair with big city passionate energy through direct, individualized, and interactive conversations. Jessica dives deep into getting people engaged in tough conversations, weighing in on different points of view, and ridding yourself of self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and habitual excuses.

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To Become a Highly Effective Leader: Reduce Fear by Developing Curiosity

It might be surprising, but many leaders fear being discovered for not being as smart as they appear.  Realistic or not, people often look to leaders as if they should know everything. This external pressure often leads to internal pressure.  Leaders fear criticism, failure, making hard decisions, taking responsibility, or being unable to reach an important goal.  Because of this, leaders often surround themselves with experts in areas with which they have less experience or knowledge, which can be a very crucial to their success.  However, this can also keep them from developing some of these skills on their own.  There are other things leaders can do to be truly effective, including developing their sense of curiosity in areas with which they might not normally be comfortable. Continue reading “To Become a Highly Effective Leader: Reduce Fear by Developing Curiosity”

5 Top TED Talks for Insight on Employee Engagement

Whenever Gallup’s research comes out, it highlights the low levels of employee engagement that continue to burden organizations and cause leaders to scramble to do something about it. If only 33% of the workers are engaged, there are real problems with productivity, turnover, and a host of other factors that cost organizations more than $605 billion a year. As everyone seeks new ways to improve engagement, it may be helpful to look at what we already have learned through some of the best TED Talks. The following five talks give some great insight into what do to improve employee engagement. Continue reading “5 Top TED Talks for Insight on Employee Engagement”

How to Develop Top Soft Skills Not Learned at School or Work


Job listings often describe the skills needed to perform in a position. However, many of the skills required for success fall under the category of soft skills.  Many employees may be hired for their knowledge and yet may end up being fired for their behavior or lack of social skills.  Forbes reported that 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.  Mitchell Communications Group found that companies lose $37 billion a year in the United States due to miscommunication.  Research from Adecco Staffing considered what the C-suite thinks about the type of skills employees lack. They found that the C-suite believed 44% lacked soft skills including communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.  This has led to missed growth opportunity, low productivity, and reduced profits. Continue reading “How to Develop Top Soft Skills Not Learned at School or Work”

Managing Millennials Requires Understanding Their Values


Millennials are one of the most misunderstood generations, which has led to frustration in the workplace.  With so many generations working together, it is not unusual that there would be some conflict. The biggest issues have revolved around the clash between Boomers and Millennials.  With varying views on political and leadership issues, as well as differences in the frequency at which they embrace technology, conflict management has become a top concern for many leaders.  Part of learning to manage this unique generation includes understanding and embracing their values. Continue reading “Managing Millennials Requires Understanding Their Values”

Soft Skills: Critical to Employee Success


Attend any leadership conference, and someone likely will bring up startling statistics regarding how employees and leaders lack something they refer to as soft skills. This term is used to describe many qualities that include interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and other personality-based issues. The problem that many organizations have experienced is that people are hired for their hard skills, or in other words, for what they know (knowledge). Then later, are often fired for their lack of soft skills, or what they do (behaviors). If employers recognize the importance of soft skills, they can avoid costly hiring and training mistakes, improve turnover, and boost productivity. Continue reading “Soft Skills: Critical to Employee Success”