How Compliance Boosts Growth With Steve Vincze

TTL 864 | Compliance Boosts Growth

How Compliance Boosts Growth With Steve Vincze

Compliance boosts growth because it gives your company the confidence of knowing what it can and can’t do. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest in this episode is Steve Vincze, President and CEO of TRESTLE Compliance. Steve discusses with Dr. Diane how compliance empowers your sales force and makes you win in the marketplace. The question is: how can you inspire your people to comply? One way is to create a collective identity your people are proud of representing. Do you want to know more? Then this episode is for you.

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TTL 282 | Technology Security

Combating Poverty Through Blockchain Technology with Arnold Strong and Enjoying The Digital Lifestyle Through Technology Security with Larry Castro

Moving into blockchain from being a communications strategist, management consultant, operator, and former colonel, Arnold Strong shares how he is spreading his mission of combating world poverty with technology. He talks about what the industry is missing and fills that gap by putting values into the world of internet economy. With so much resources we have in our hands, we can eventually contribute to the well-being of the entire world. Arnold inspires us to continue taking care of the Earth because in that process, we also take care of each other.
In today’s world, technology is undeniably a big part of our lives. It would be impossible now to see people without their devices. We can’t live without them simply because they help us. However, that doesn’t keep us from being vulnerable to issues about security and privacy. Larry Castro contributes his insights into technology security. Larry is a cyber-security expert and the CEO of Stealth Grid. He discusses some vulnerabilities people are under with their devices as well as some of the solutions his company has come up with to help protect people’s privacy.

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How to Keep Facebook Private


Privacy issues have dogged Facebook and other social media sites for years.  There are so many areas within which to adjust settings, it may become so frustrating that people give up trying to figure it out.  The Wall Street Journal article, A Guide to Facebook’s Privacy Options, had a very good graphic that demonstrates where to go to make changes to privacy settings.  It is important that you go to the icon that looks like a lock with some lines next to it at the top right of the screen.  Once you click on that, click on “see more settings”, then click on security (listed at the top left under the word general).

Once you are on that page, the following list contains some suggested ways to improve security:

  • Turn on secure browsing which is listed first under security settings  – if it is on, it will show enabled.
  • Login approvals can be turned on for extra security.
  • Limit app settings (see left side of screen) so that certain things may not be posted to your profile. “Disable instant personalization if you don’t want Facebook to share your information with partner websites”.
  • Adjust ad settings (see left side of screen) to control what information appears in ads.

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