How to Keep Facebook Private


Privacy issues have dogged Facebook and other social media sites for years.  There are so many areas within which to adjust settings, it may become so frustrating that people give up trying to figure it out.  The Wall Street Journal article, A Guide to Facebook’s Privacy Options, had a very good graphic that demonstrates where to go to make changes to privacy settings.  It is important that you go to the icon that looks like a lock with some lines next to it at the top right of the screen.  Once you click on that, click on “see more settings”, then click on security (listed at the top left under the word general).

Once you are on that page, the following list contains some suggested ways to improve security:

  • Turn on secure browsing which is listed first under security settings  – if it is on, it will show enabled.
  • Login approvals can be turned on for extra security.
  • Limit app settings (see left side of screen) so that certain things may not be posted to your profile. “Disable instant personalization if you don’t want Facebook to share your information with partner websites”.
  • Adjust ad settings (see left side of screen) to control what information appears in ads.

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2 thoughts on “How to Keep Facebook Private

  1. Thank you for this information Dr. Hamilton. Facebook has been a security nightmare for me. I won’t go into details but lets just say its difficult to dig down and get the site secure and patch things up when there is a leak.
    This has led me to ditch FB for Google Plus and LinkedIn. I also enjoy Twitter but find G+ and LinkedIn to be the best for building up my business community.

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