How To Soar Like An Eagle with Robert Stevenson

TTL 226 | Soar Like An Eagle

How To Soar Like An Eagle with Robert Stevenson

Sometimes we just need a reminder that our attitude and behavior can be changed at any time, and the decision to be a good worker, boss, husband, or wife is entirely up to us. Robert Stevenson, author of the bestseller, How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys, says we’ve all encountered turkeys in our personal and business lives. We may not be able to change these people, but we do have a choice on how we respond to them. With a powerful blend of experience, research, case studies, and competitor perspectives, Robert’s original insights have helped organizations, business leaders, and associates understand how to unleash their future potential. Learn how to deal with risk, competition, and the ever-changing business environment in this riveting discussion with one of the most widely sought-after speakers in the world today.

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TTL 225 | Appvance

Artificial Intelligence And The Impact To All of Us With Appvance CEO, Kevin Surace

There’s no denying that Artificial Intelligence will take the lead in the future economic landscape, and the race among companies to harness its immense potential is just getting started. For enterprises to dramatically improve the quality, performance and security of their applications, while transforming their efficiency and output, they need the world’s first AI-driven, unified test automation system: Kevin Surace, the CEO of Appvance, reveals how his company is revolutionizing software testing with their premier product, Appvance IQ. Mr. Surace discusses AI, robotics, automation and the future of jobs – all from the perspective of an innovator and technology pioneer.

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TTL 224 | SaaS Platforms

Exploring SaaS Platforms with C. Lee Smith and Curiosity Assessment with Ulrik Lork

As the leader of your company, can you make sure that your successors are good enough for you to leave without serious mishaps? Here to answer this conundrum is C. Lee Smith, President and CEO of SalesFuel. Lee is the creator of several SaaS platforms for business performance, which include: AdMall, the industry leader for local advertising and digital media sales intelligence used by over 2,000 media properties across America; SalesFuel COACH, data-driven, adaptive sales coaching for time-starved managers; and TeamKeeper, a SaaS-based program for improving company culture, communication and retention.

Human personality plays an integral role in a company’s day-to-day operations, and the subsequent interplay of complex behaviors can make or break your profit margins. What if you could skip all the guesswork… and hack the code to efficiency? Ulrik Lork, a specialist in coaching, communication and leadership training, explores the wider implications of various curiosity assessments. He specializes in collaboration and has worked with top organizations in Sweden in the United States, Norway, Japan, Australia, and Switzerland.

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TTL 203 | The Anxiety Toolkit

Brand Marketing With Dr. John Tantillo And The Anxiety Toolkit With Dr. Alice Boyes

Forget about the debate speech minutiae. The meteoric rise of political brands like Obama, Trump, and Sanders prove that marketing is the new normal in politics. Sure, communication is still important – but it’s only one part in the political machinery. Marketing satisfies the voter (customer) needs; while branding showcases the personality attributes that get voters to focus on the needs-message. John Tantillo, Ph.D. uses his background in applied research psychology to assess the problems which face businesses and brands, including local/national campaigns. Dr. Tantillo is presently an Opinion Columnist for Newsmax where his column “The Marketing and Branding Lens” analyzes the topics of the day using two essential disciplines. He is also an independent consultant for the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

Self-sabotage in the workplace is a lot more prevalent than you think. It affects people in different ways, whether at work or at home. And for society to recover from self-sabotaging thinking patterns, it needs to assemble a healthy mind toolkit – preferably one that’s prescribed by Alice Boyes, Ph.D. As the author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit and The Anxiety Toolkit, Dr. Boyes helps people learn how to reprogram thinking patterns that often contribute to self-sabotage. She is also a popular blogger for Psychology Today, amassing more than 11 million hits for her articles. Her research has been published by The American Psychological Association. And before making the career change to a writer, Dr. Boyes was a clinical psychologist in her native New Zealand.

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TTL 211 | Tax Free Wealth

The Platinum Rule with Dr. Tony Alessandra and Tax Free Wealth with Tom Wheelwright

Educators put such an emphasis put on the three Rs which is reading, writing and arithmetic, but there is actually a fourth R which is so crucially important, and that is relationships. Relationship skills, emotional intelligence, and effective listening are basic people skills that the corporate environment is lacking. Dr. Tony Alessandra, voted the #1 World’s Top Communication Guru, is a legend of the speaking profession who created a concept called The Platinum Rule which is a free online assessment to determine your people and relationship skills. Taxes can be so confusing, but Tom Wheelwright says all people really have to recognize is that the tax law is fundamentally a series of incentives. Tom is a leading wealth and tax expert, global speaker, and entrepreneur. He is a CPA, founder and CEO of WealthAbility, and bestselling author of Tax-Free Wealth. Tom is best known for making taxes fun, easy and understandable, and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes.

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TTL 210 | Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing with Brian Kurtz and Turning Great Athletes Into Businessmen with Monica Morton

Marketing isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Brian Kurtz, founder and CEO of Titans Marketing, professes his love for direct marketing and always likes to talk about an expression which goes ‘those who did it have a responsibility to teach’. He realized that at a certain point, it made more sense for him to be able to take the fundamentals he did as a marketer and to bring that to another generation of marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs. Brian says it’s a very jumbled and confusing marketplace, so if you don’t have the fundamentals of marketing, you’re just going to be another face in the crowd. For Monica Morton, she and her team have seen it all. Monica is the president and CEO of Know LLC. She is a licensed private investigator specializing in sports and entertainment investigations. In an effort to be proactive and not reactive, she conducted extensive research and developed a program of services to assist young men and women in making better choices.

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TTL 209 | Triggers Book

Discussing “Triggers” and “How Women Rise” With Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Dissecting The COO Business Forum With Bill Shepard

As we grow older, our level of aspiration can actually go down and down and down. But our little impact, it’s going up. Quit worrying about what you’re not going to change; what’s important in life now are the smaller things. One person sends you an email that says, “My life is a little bit better off because of something you did” – and surprisingly, that’s enough. Let’s face it: You’re not going to cure cancer. You’re not going to stop global warming by yourself. You’re getting older, but is there something else you can achieve? You can trigger change in business. Explore “Triggers” with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, who authored and edited 36 books – which have sold over two million copies, been translated into 32 languages and become listed bestsellers in 12 countries. Along with Triggers, his two other New York Times bestsellers are MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – the Harold Longman Award winner for Business Book of the Year. Both his books have been included by in the top 100 books ever written in their category.

There needs to be more attention to what the Chief Operating Officer (COO) does because a lot of people are confused by that sometimes. Bill Shepard explains that the CEO is responsible for doing the right thing and the COO is responsible for doing things right. The COO operates the plan, drives the execution, and orchestrates all the different divisions to pull off the execution of the business. And Bill should know: he founded and launched the COO Forum in 2004 in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley Area. The association provides a forum for Chief Operating Officers and other Second-in-Command Executives; shares and develops best practices; and aims to improve the awareness of COO’s role within the greater business community.

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TTL 208 | Grow Your Business

Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business With Jeff Hoffman

In order to successfully grow your business, you must learn how to be curious about everything. Reinvention is the name of the game for a lot of different industries – and if you wish to thrive in this changing business landscape, you have to adapt and scale your business accordingly. Today, Jeff Hoffman reveals the secrets of success and survival. Jeff is the author of Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back. He’s a billionaire. He has gone to Yale. He’s been involved with a lot of well-known companies, including,, and ColorJar. Jeff has done everything exciting in life: from being a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, published author, film producer and producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album in 2015 to being the founder of multiple startups. If you desire to succeed like the world’s greatest innovators, then Jeff can show you exactly how: just stay curious!

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TTL 207 | The Way Of The SEAL

The Pivot Process with Adam Markel and The Way Of The SEAL with Mark Divine

One of the biggest issues for people is the fact that they’ve been led to believe that you have to jump ship or take this big leap. More often than not, for most people, that’s not the method or process for them to reinvent. Reinvention is not a one-and-done thing. It is something we’re doing constantly alive. Transformational leader and author of Pivot, Adam Markel, says pivoting and making changes is being willing to take, not big leaps, but small steps every day. Adam says what keeps people stuck is nobody wants to put their family or their whole career at risk. For Mark Divine, human performance is best displayed in mental toughness. In his book, The Way of the SEAL, shares the integrated training he’s been teaching special ops candidates, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Mark says that leading in today’s world is a lot like leading on a battlefield. You just have to find the silver lining, find humor in the crazy things, and put your happy face on until you start to feel like you dominate anything they throw at you.

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TTL 206 | Make More For Yourself

Make More For Yourself with Yanik Silver and From Expert To Influencer with Jane Anderson

Ten years ago, Yanik Silver looked at his life and asked himself, “Am I truly happy?” The answer was no. Yanik was making a lot of money doing a lot of good health for people and had a great reputation that space, but he didn’t feel like that was the end all of what he could contribute. That started the process of founding the Maverick1000. Yanik talks about his interesting evolution on teaching about how you can profit and make more for yourself or your business while making a difference in the world and having some fun in the process. The irony of personal branding is that it’s not even about you, it’s about communicating the value that you bring to people. Jane Anderson is a personal branding expert. She shares some key skills to attract new clients, increase sales, and leverage your personal brand to become an industry leader.

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