Jennifer Rachael Hudye and Tim Miles

Celebrity copywriter and renowned leadership speaker are today’s guests. Jennifer Rachael is one of the most sought-after email copywriters in the online marketing space, writing copy…



About Jennifer Rachael Hudye

Jennifer Rachael Hudye is one of the most sought-after email copywriters in the online marketing space, writing copy for 6 and 7 figure campaigns.  The top information marketers and influencers in the world including Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Eben Pagan Training, Bulletproof Coffee, Bedros Keuilian, Sally Hogshead, and many others hire Conscious Copy to help them build out their strategy and craft results-driven copy that converts cold leads into raving fans.  Jennifer knew that she had a “magic tough” for email marketing when she was in college and started her own online fitness business.  She created two emails, clicked “Send” and in first 48 hours generated $4,410 for an online program she created. Jennifer’s business approach is simple and a lesson that she learned from two of her mentors early on Harvey Mackay & Greg Hague, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care AND that you can help them.”


About Tim Miles

Tim Miles is an internationally-renowned leadership, marketing, and motivational speaker, who earns rave reviews and off-the-chart evaluations from conventions, conferences, and companies for his presentations, webinars, and workshops. To paraphrase screenwriter David Freeman, Tim took everything that made him weird as a kid and got people to pay him money for it as an adult. His unique blend of humor, motivation, and common-sense leaves audiences happy, hopeful, and ready to apply the stuff they’ve learned. He is the author of Good Company: Making It, Keeping It, Being It and The First Order Of Business.

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