The Mentor’s Mentor And The Enlightened Millionaire Institute with Joel Bauer

It’s all about the result. People may grow to love you and the events you do, but producing results and making the connection with the audience counts more for Joel Bauer. The biggest names that go up on stages became big because they were mentored by him. To deliver the best results, accuracy is the key to connect with the hearts of your clients. Joel trains people to find their voice and learn how they can make a conversation with the audience. He shares how you can monetize your passion and make money while doing what you love.

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This episode is going to be different because I have just one guest instead of two and that’s because he has so much great content that we’re going to spend the whole hour just speaking with him. It’s Joel Bauer, the guru of speaker trainers. He really has trained some amazing people and so many millionaires are millionaires because of him. He gives advice about how to make great, successful events on Facebook and using different apps and programs to monetize, get-togethers using Facebook Live and different things.

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The Mentor’s Mentor And The Enlightened Millionaire Institute with Joel Bauer

I’m with Joel Bauer, who is the Mentor’s Mentor, as he’s mentored thousands of top producing speakers, authors and marketers. He trains some of the most famous people to design their branding, to mentor them, to coach them, and you’ll know all over the top names. Bill Clinton, Francis Ford Coppola, Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen. The list just goes on and on. He’s made more than 300 millionaires that have gone through his mentoring program. I’m really anxious to talk to you, Joel. Welcome.

It’s my pleasure and I would love to make a distinction there because I know that a lot of the information you’ve been provided with comes from the website and also comes from some of the people that represent me, but I want to be entirely accurate. Tony Robbins and I had the same publicist and we were friends. I would share concepts and he would share concepts and we will usually do this in the back of a limousine on the way to an event or a television station. I would never want people to think that he has been personally mentored where he was currently disseminating information that he got from me because in fact, he’s made his own introductions over the years. I think accuracy is real important. Bill Clinton is on my website and I have testimonials from him. I was hired to be the opening presenter and trainer in Arkansas when he was on tour. We had a great connection, but I couldn’t normally say that I mentored him. He was fascinated by what I taught and that’s why he gave me his testimonial, which I didn’t even ask for. I just want to be clear on that. Everyone else, absolutely.

You have pretty amazing names on the list. Whether you have shared notes or mentored or just work around, you have quite a history and it’s really interesting to me. There are so many mentors out there, but your name is at the top of the list. What you think it is that makes you different than the other mentors out there?

Probably, I have already demonstrated that and that is the desire for accuracy because we live in this world now where people are just throwing things around. They grabbed onto click funnels or the grab onto a system and they just go, “It’s so easy.”In fact, there’s work that needs to be done. I make it as easy as one can make it. I’ve trained some of the biggest names in the world who come to me from Malaysia. Aaron Sansoni flew in from Singapore for example, and he said, “It’s really hard, Joel, to sit here and be trained by you for seven days and seven nights. I’m here because I know that it works. I’ve only heard from the people that I’ve worked with on some of the biggest stages and offline as well, and not in live environments that you’re techniques really do actually work. They raised the bar in my bottom line, not only the numbers but heart connection.” I said, “It would be very awkward for me to attend your event and be sitting there with an open mind and an open heart embracing something new and leaving everything else behind.”If you’re going to be trained by someone, you’ve got to be coachable and not everyone is. I deal with that lot because there are so many really well-known authors and speakers and brand positioning experts and people that are artists that will come in training because I’ve been kept a best secret. When Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen acquired me for consulting, they really wanted to raise their closing ratios and I was also concerned with them connecting with the heart of the clients. That was a big part of what I built for them at the Enlightened Millionaire Institute when they were working intimately together. To me, it’s all about the result. I don’t care if people love my events or love me. I care that they actually produce results after the event. I always tell my students and now my peers, because they stand on some of the biggest stages with me and on some of the biggest webinars and they run their own membership sites, which I’ve taught them how to do, with the level of commitment that quite frankly, I’m not sure they wanted to make. I will not work with someone who doesn’t care about the student, who doesn’t care about the results. To me, there’s three phases. There’s the before, the door in the event or the training, and then there’s the post training. I don’t let go of them. I’ve been training my students now for free after events going on sixteen years. I haven’t charged them a penny and I continue with giving them three-hour our comprehensive, very advanced level, way beyond PhD level trainings that David McConomy and Jennie Armato, no matter where they may be, whether they’re in the US or Australia or Asia.

Peng Joon has now done $14 million in just over three years. Before me, he had trained with every name you could imagine on the biggest stages, who I won’t name. He said, “Joel, I did exactly what they told me. I said what they said. I memorized everything. I went through the moves and I had zero result. Absolutely no results, total failure.” He said, “I came to you and I was willing to throw in the towel. I flew in from Malaysia.” He was here in Los Angeles where I live. I’ve been running my events for 22 years, right down the street at the same hotel. I teach people to do very simple things and speak from their heart. I don’t train speakers. I train people to find their voice and their legs and their congruity and their truth. I don’t train them to be like me or anyone else. The truth is, they’re already perfect. You want to have a conversation with someone, and I wanted to have a conversation with the audience, but not the audience, just one person at a time in that audience. When they do that, it changes the entire connection. I want them to get off the stage and walk into the audience. Even Tony took my direction after years. You’ll now see him for the very first time walking off the stage at his major events. He even touches people now. He didn’t do that before. They’ll take an occasional picture .You had to used to pay for that. That connection is what people are looking for. They’re looking for someone that can believe in and someone they can trust.

Peng Joon flew in and he walks up to me at break. The breaks are very short and he said to me, “I know we’re not supposed to talk to you on break because I know you’re trying to get something to eat. I know you’re working on all of us here, but I’ve just got to relate one thing to you and that is I’m having trouble believing this is going to work. Everywhere else create metaphors and allegory and all these techniques and all just layering and it hasn’t worked. You’re telling me just to tell my story. You’re telling me exactly where to put everything in just the right spaces in my money matrix, which really the heart matrix. You’re telling me that if I tell my story about being raised as a farmer and I talk about my parents, that that’s going to help me to sell.”I said, “Are you looking for a guarantee?” He goes, “No.” I said, “I haven’t seen a failure yet that I trained. There hasn’t been one. I’ve never had a refund. I’ve never had a cancellation. I’ve never had anyone walk up to me and complained.” I’m talking about my most advanced level events. I’m not even selling you anything here because I just retired. My profit for an event after 25 consecutive sold out events, it’s over. I’m watching something new in the future, but he walked up to me and he said what I told him. He told the truth. He told his story. He plugged it into the exact order and sequence and he is now $14 million above and beyond what he was making before. We’re not talking about $14 million inclusive. It’s generated over $14 million, for his webinars, online and offline. He said to me, “I now have my freedom. I now have my voice. I can be myself. I don’t need to put on the show as the other mentors were telling me to do. It was all very uncomfortable. It was all very constructed and very restricting.”

We found this across the boards. I remember when Eve Michaels came to me and she was doing physical transformations on people where they can look their best. There would very minor things that she would do and it was unbelievable. She was making about $300 for consultation and she said, “I just can’t make ends meet.” She trained with me, eleven days after the event, she did $330,000 on a TR-Becker stage and she said, “I was a little nervous, but you got me to the point where I was fearless. I was going to move forward. I didn’t have to be something I wasn’t.” She said, “I’ve never looked back.” She said, it was the single greatest investment I ever made to get the right training from a mentor that actually only talked when he did, not what other people do, but only what he did that actually worked and it’s empowered over 1,900 men and women now internationally and it hasn’t failed. I haven’t had a single failure.

Did you say something that some people aren’t coachable or did I catch that wrong?

Yeah. There are those who choose to not be coachable. It’s a choice. It’s like a fear of hypnosis. People live, they live in hypnosis. Hypnotist doesn’t hypnotize, he dehypnotizes. He gives them back to their awareness and their control over the moment. He has some sensory precision. I’m not a hypnotist. I’m just using that as an example here of giving people the choice to speak for their own voice and stand on their legs and find their comfort zone and understand how they’re being perceived, how they want to be perceived and how to make the adjustment, to shift it to how they actually want to be perceived.

TTL 42 | Enlightened Millionaire Institute
Enlightened Millionaire Institute: I don’t train speakers. I train people to find their voice and their legs and their congruity and their truth.

Do they have to be smart? Is there a certain level that they have to have to do well?

I had a speech impediment until I was about thirteen. I was a stutterer. It definitely had severe impact. I had depression. I had all kinds of problems. I’ve dealt with people that have these concerns. Sometimes it’s lack of education or maybe they didn’t realize there wasn’t an expiry date on holding the parents accountable for the condition of their life. That expiring date has passed. It’s time for us to move on. I’m able to help anyone who’s got an open heart and an open mind who will just go through the process, which is actually fun and make it fun. I don’t have any exercises. Everything is an actual systematic process that they use in their communication, whether it’s one-on-one or one-on-50. Whether they use it in Corporate America, whether they use it a job interview, or they use of build their downline in a network marketing organization, I’ve trained about nine. Whether they use it in launching their product or service, or their support mechanism. They become exemplary in their communication, in their ability to persuade and their ability to negotiate and their ability to close sales without feeling that they’re closing, without even feeling like they’re asking for the money.

I teach them so many ways of doing it that they’re able to choose the one that feels best for them and I’m very emotionally connected to the process that I teach. It’s all about emotion, even though it’s very tactical as well. It has to be tactical. There has to be a transferable system, but it has to be emotionally based. Audiences are not responding to the closers and the pushy salespeople of yesterday. It doesn’t work anymore and this transition is so vital in order for them to succeed and leverage the wealth and do something they love while making a tremendous amount of money. My students to make the kind of money that in many cases, royalty and celebrities generate and they just can’t believe that they’ve been giving their time away all these years. They had no idea what they are capable of doing and how easy the transition really is.

I’ve spent decades in sales and I’ve seen so many different techniques that people want to monetize what they’re doing. How do you monetize your passion? How do you get to that point where you’re making money doing what you love?

I’m going to say an exacting example of a recent technique that I exposed my most advanced students to. I conduct a process called Fly on the Wall and Fly on the Wall is where I simply turn on zoom or you could turn on Facebook Live and instead of doing a sales pitch, which is what most people do, they’re always fixing something. I actually train a student and I literally share my screen and maybe I show them how to write their book or builders system, create a brand, whatever it is I teach them how to do, or design their message to market or have them overcome a fear or their self-imposed limitations. These people are tuning in, instead of my focusing on a sales pitch, which is what most people have, they have an objective in mind, I don’t. My objective is to help that student. Whether it’s someone who’s remotely randomly selected from one of my groups or one of my memberships online or whether it’s someone that’s literally was selected on Facebook who just made an inquiry or went to the website and walked into the autoresponder. They were learning something and they had an amazing breakthrough, and epiphanies, a cathartic change in their emotions. I work with them and the other people tuning in, they get a feel for your thinking. I believe that the majority of people who have positioned themselves as mentors and life coaches and coaches aren’t qualified. I know this because they come to me for training and what kind of life did they have? What have they overcome? I meet these authors all the time to talk about real estate and wealth building and they don’t have any money and they don’t own any real estate. I have a real problem with that.

If you’re going to be a life coach or you’re going to be a mentor, you better have a track record. I’m all about proof and even when people check me out online, the entire website is made up of proof. Not just testimonials, but the videos. Even videos for people who don’t particularly like me, but they weren’t completely effective. I’m all about the results. I have enough people in this planet who love me like me. I have my family and my children. I have three kids. We must’ve done something well because they’re adults and they’re living life on their own terms. They’re not compromising. They’re not working for someone else’s benefit. They’re doing something meaningful to them, which is all I wanted for them. My wife is also doing the same thing. She’s now speaker and she’s flying around the world suddenly after final training with me, after 20 years she found her voice and I’m thrilled. She gave up so much of her life to raise our children and closed down our company, and I really believe it’s vital for someone. I believe your work is as important as your family because I believe you don’t have a lot to bring home to have an example of a commitment to something that’s even bigger than you. My children know how passionate I am about my students. It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t there for them because I was holding their hand and there for every process and every experience. You need to show them by example that you’re committed to something and that it impacts others lives. Otherwise, they grow up with really no purpose. You know the old saying, “Give them enough to do something but not enough to do nothing.”We’re not giving our children a handout. We certainly could. We certainly could pay all their bills and take care of all their frills, but it’s the worst possible thing you can do on that level.

Obviously, if there was an emergency and there are from time to time, thank God through speaking and through marketing and through everything that I’ve learned the hard way, we have the ability to take care of those we love. Currently, one of my students is fighting a stage four breast cancer. I went to the hospital two days ago with my wife and I celebrate her on every occasion because she had been so abused and beat up. This is Emma Tiebens. She had been beat up by so many traitors and about seven years ago, she came to my weekend event which is free. I was offering scholarships. I didn’t charge a penny and what she learned there empowered her to become a speaker and a mentor and to build three systems and write three books, travel internationally. She met a producer at my event for free that put her on international stages.

She brought her mother to the US. Her son wrote two books. She was able to change the condition of a marriage that wasn’t serving her. She’s still very close with her previous husband and the father of her child but she now has a life. Even though she was fighting for her life now, she said, “It was vital.”She just had a miracle in the hospital, which I just happened to be there at the right time and we’re doing everything we can for her. I don’t let go with my students. There’s a community. They’re always family. I built 36 families online that I personally monitor. It’s so important to support the student who then becomes a mentor in their own right and you just remain there for them and you just don’t disconnect.

You said you’re not doing your mentor programs anymore. What are you doing now to help people that wanted help at this point?

I love being wrong and I’ve never been more wrong than in an assessment I made about fifteen to twenty years ago. I was here with the inception of the internet, which was about 1993. In about 1983, the concept of internet which hadn’t really been fully formed, they were starting to piece it together. In ‘93, it launched as the worldwide web. I was there from the inception. I have taught thousands of people to build their own membership sites and the reason I never launched my own is I didn’t believe it would have the emotional connection that training them live has had. I have been so wrong. I have the most loving family that we’ve been able to foster and it’s my one year of mentorship and membership program at People can learn for free. There’s a free webinar there that’s really outstanding. Everything works. You can monetize very quickly just from those principles. If they decide to actually allow me to guide them week-by-week, module-by-module with the most amazing assignments with the online community that other people haven’t built, that’s the missing link and the fact that we have assignments and we have details They’re able to do everything when they get down with me. They’re able to make money within the first few weeks if they choose. They’re able to launch their website, they we’re able to build it. They are able to build their funnels. They are able to design their message to market match, to write their book, to build their systems, have unlimited passive revenue streams if that’s what they choose because they can use the principles over and over.

I do life coaching there as well. That is something I’m so proud of. I put my heart and soul into it every week. Every week a new module is released for that online community. That is the only thing I am currently doing in addition to my private consulting. I always tell people, don’t consult with me. My fee starts at $12,000 an hour because of the demand. It’s a demand thing and so I have a question for you and this is the question that everyone needs to ask. Once you spoke to Joel Bauer or whoever, John Smith, and John Smith in the first five minutes of a consult that you were spending $12,000 on revealed something that you already knew, but you had never done. Because you’ve made that investment, you chose to take the direction that you could have taken before or they reveal a revelation and you’ve found yourself a $2.2 million in a bank account seven months later having implemented what it is you already knew might work. Was the investment of $12,000 you made good or do you wish you didn’t make it?

I’ve never had a student yet ever, ever complained or indicate that it wasn’t the most valuable time they spent. I’m not looking for consulting. In fact, I would prefer people don’t go online and they don’t engage me for consulting. This is not a negative close because I’ve got a two-year wait. I’ve ended all my other brands. My Passion2Profit brand for 36 years is done. I’m 56 years old. I got nothing to prove. I was in position to retire at 33 and let me define retirement. Retirement is when you have enough money coming in from your investments in real estate and other diversified investments that you’ve covered all your expenses and you factored in the rate of inflation, your children, your friends and anyone you know that should need help. I had done that by 33 and at 56, I’m watching an academy which will be a mentoring academy where I actually trained mentors from the ground up and I mean, from the ground up. Even if they think they already know the game, I can promise them that my process is so unconventional and so practical because I learned on the streets.

That’s not $12,000 an hour I imagine? That’s a group thing?

No, it’s online. What I’m currently teaching online, others have paid up to $700,000 to learn. I’m not exaggerating. If they go there or if you want me to, I would recommend they watch the webinar which is an hour and if they do, something will be revealed to them where their investment for an entire year is under $1,000 and if they don’t generate three times the investment, I will pay them $1,000 out of my own pocket and all of their money will have already been returned to their bank account or credit card. It’s not only a guarantee.

That probably have so much success online and soon we’re also launching an affiliate program. I make so little that quite frankly, people would wonder, because I have a staff, there are real costs involved and I put all my time supporting my students and none of my time into administrative. That’s the problem. Most people are trying to do it all. I do the one thing I do best, which is make sure they succeed and make sure they’re trained properly, step-by-step and make sure they have all the downloads and they have all the templates, they have hold up other plates and they don’t need to go and spend money elsewhere because it’s too painful and confusing and you know, because you’ve been around this.

Can you share one more time how people could reach you and find out more?

I want to reiterate one thing. is a website made up of three things. Truth, authenticity, people actually expressing their emotions about what they received from me. They cannot all be lying. You’ll hear from some of the biggest names in the world and people you don’t know who we’re all succeeding as a direct result of the process that I transferred to them, the handholding and the mentoring. There’s free webinar there that really you’ll get to know me and you’ll get to apply techniques. Even if you don’t like me, you’ll still be able to benefit from the process. The reason I say that is because you don’t have to kiss butt. I have an attitude. I have a position and it’s based upon the fact that if you don’t tell the truth, so if someone doesn’t like you, that’s just too bad. There are enough people that will accept you for who you are. Still empower yourself through the process, empower your children because they’re never going to learn in a traditional institution. I was doing a lecture right down the street from Harvard at Babson College, which is arguably the finest entrepreneurial college in the world. There is no comparison between Harvard and Babson because at Babson the professors are multimillionaires and billionaires. You’re learning not theory, but practical and actual from people who have built companies. One of my students was attending there and he invited me to lecture for the professors. They walked up to me walking totally perplexed and they shut down. They said, “How come we don’t know any of this?”

I said, “Because you’re teaching theory.” They said, “We didn’t think we were, but we are.” I said, “How do you know that what I teach is real?” They said, “Because the litmus test is how we feel and we know that what’s revealed here would have motivated us to buy, buy, buy, buy and invest online or offline in whatever the person’s process or solution was.” I don’t tell to people, believe me. I can live vicariously through the words and actions of others who have already succeeded. I have over 11,000 testimonials online that I didn’t even ask for. They’re all over the place. If you look for the bad, you might be able to find a few negative comments concerning me, but you won’t find much because I really have delivered and I really can care. The only way for someone to make that assessment concerning themselves or me or anyone, is to find out how they feel. Fortunately, we have the ability to go online now and to some degree make an assessment. Let’s face it, if you search under Mother Teresa, you’ll find negative and a whole lot of positive. People have to be smart enough now to be able to disseminate between the massive truth and a few people’s opinions. I’m constantly explaining these to students because once you put yourself out there, it’s not going to be all be positive. People love to be negative. It’s much easier to be malevolent than benevolent.

TTL 42 | Enlightened Millionaire Institute
Enlightened Millionaire Institute: Retirement is when you have enough money coming in from your investments in real estate and other diversified investments that you’ve covered all your expenses.

Or that they’re safe behind the computer and nobody can see them and say rotten things.

They think they are but there are a lot of people that don’t know this. The reality is I teach my students one thing now and that is, don’t articulate it. Don’t text it, don’t write it, don’t post it, don’t even think it if you don’t want it repeated.

Meaning, live your life the way that you want to be judged. I came from a funeral last night for a friend of mine for fifteen years. There were over 500 people there and all that we’re talking about is how loving and how giving this man was, John Saigon. We were all just in tears and his wife and son, his son got up there and just talk about the fact that anything he does in this lifetime will be the result of the mentoring he received from his father. He says, “If I can be half the man my father was.” What an amazing and inspired evening it was. It’s painful sometimes to go to a funeral, but this was not a funeral, it is a celebration. I’m 56, so how long do I have? Another fifteen or twenty. How many good years do you have where you can contribute? I tell people, let’s not just make this a system. Let’s not just write this book, let’s do something that really affects lives because making money, I’ve already figured that out. That’s a no-brainer. My students who implement make money, that’s a no brainer, the money becomes irrelevant. The money rolls in, the freedom schools out. They’re able to do something that really is meaningful to them and to be able to transfer that to people, that’s all I really want to do.

How long does it take them to get to that point?

Put it this way, in the first two or three training modules, which is the first two or three weeks, if they build their dream cars and they wrapped her package. I’m not a millennial. Wrapping the package and today’s world means something different as to with birth control. The term wrapping the package was the term I used on the Dinah Shore show a long time ago. That’s what my grandfather taught me about how to dress. That can increase someone’s income by 25%, just that one move.

I mean no exaggerating. It changes everything. Now, the dream card is a mechanism I teach in the first module that actually manifest dreams. It’s not a visual board. It’s not putting a picture of the Rolls-Royce in the side of your refrigerator. It actually is a mechanism that manifest dreams that you articulate in very specific ways with specific imagery and then you do and say something specifically. I’ve been doing it for 35 years. I’m on my eighteenth dream card and there’s not one dream that I have not fulfilled except for one. I wanted to become a chess master, but I started at about 27 and the man I hired who was a chess master said, “Joel, that just can’t be done.”

You have to start really young for it to be even possible.

I gave my chess master’s name to one of my student’s nephew who is now an International Master Chess Champion and he is currently fifteen and a half years old. It’s because of his youth and when he started.

Other than that, there is nothing that I put on that card. It’s an amazing process. Kevin Trudeau, maybe not everyone understands, he’s a brilliant guy. He’s done about $3 billion in sales online, offline. He’s currently incarcerated and I warned him as a friend and as a mentor. I trained him. He came to several of my events. I said to him, “Never use the phrase, what the government doesn’t want you to know and what pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know,” because you’re running into the radar and you’re agitating it. He said, “Joel, I know. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.”He’s currently writing books and training people internally in a different environment.

Can you do that? You’re not allowed to make profit if you’re in jail or is that not correct?

No. He’s training the inmates. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can make the best of it and he is. Eventually that judge who has him in there on ridiculous charges, because he’s in there for nothing more than a judge’s opinion. He is not in there on any other charges. It’s just contempt of court. That’s it. That’s sad. He said to me, “Joel, you give away millions of dollars in proven solutions, why don’t you charge separately for all of them? You can make a fortune.” I go, “Kevin, how much money do I need on this planet and how greedy do I need to be? I have enough for myself and my family to live by years up and then some. I choose to make something so ridiculously affordable. People actually feel like they’re insulting me when they invest online. We are bringing the price way up. We have to because quite frankly my staff cost me a fortune just to make sure that I could have this kind of offering. It has to go up and it will very shortly. For those that train there, they will find their answers. I’d like to reveal one secret for the speakers out there and aspiring mentors out there and the parents who don’t realize it, but we’re all nothing more than a teacher. We’re either good one, an effective one, or one that has great intentions but doesn’t know how to execute. I am nothing more than a very, very highly paid teacher. My wife articulated this on a recent interview. She said, “It’s all he cares about. He just wants to help people to teach more effectively and to get paid to do something they love you.”

I got a question for you though because I have so many people I connect with that want to be speakers or that have written books and they just want to go to the next level. How long does this process take to get them to really be a millionaire for example? Let’s say they’re not making it right now.

When I spoke to you about the Fly on the Wall and people are tuning on to you, if you are qualified to really help someone through a process and takes something from your mastery, whether it’s your hobby or the joy you found in the job you’ve done for years and you’ve been able to systematize it. If you’re really helping someone, people will tune in and then if there is an opportunity, a call to action and it’s affordable, they will invest in, especially when there’s a guarantee and that’s very, very important. That one solution can generate immediate income and that’s just clicking on Facebook Live, having a plan, helping someone for your process and then giving them a call to action. Without getting into things that cost money, let me give you a solution that doesn’t cost money. On Facebook, you can build a group in four keystrokes, a private group and you make it private. All these people you’re talking to on your Facebook Live, which is the only thing you could do on Facebook that you don’t have to pay for, that actually exceeds the three percent penetration to your audience. Facebook Live, they haven’t yet shut it down where you have to pay for it to penetrate further. It’s the one mechanism they’re offering you, and I’m not, I’m not sitting here going into deep social marketing skills. That’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m giving them a simple solution.

Could they do this on Zoom or elsewhere or elsewhere? Or does it have to be Facebook Live?

I live on Zoom because Zoom connects with Facebook Live. When I’m on Zoom, I have more stability and I’m able to share my screen. Whereas on Facebook Live that would be impossible unless you’re using the live, there are a few other solutions, but the easiest solution is Zoom. I would recommend they actually pay for Zoom because it gives them so many additional features which they’re really going to need. Now, they have an audience and they now have a place to drive the audience to their Facebook private page, which is a membership site that they have to pay to be a part of. This is the simple way. This is not what I do. I have elaborate architectural life and Infusionsoft. For someone that doesn’t have anything, I’m just trying to get them going right with a simple solution where they get their feet wet and they realize that there is an audience for them.

Now that those people are being invited in, they create trainings on Zoom. They post to That is the only architecture that I trust. YouTube can shut you down in a minute. They can tear your legs out from out of you and it’s easier for me to reach Bill Gates on a private cell phone than it is for me to reach someone working at YouTube. When you have a problem on YouTube, you have a real problem. Vimeo, you’re paying for it and therefore it’s a different relationship. All of my privatized videos, over 4,000 videos are all privatized and secured on Vimeo and those are the things that feed into the Facebook private groups, etc. Now, they have a metric by which they can upload. Their cell phone is a very good capture device. They can build their private group on Facebook private group, no problem, and they can broadcast using Facebook Live. That’s a complete simple five-minute architecture that would enable them to begin to mentor and monetize. How did they collect their money?

That’s real simple. They can go online and as a matter of fact, I can send you a link, but there is an online program that will enable them to actually sell tickets and/or spaces for free. It is an architecture that has a built in shopping cart that there’s virtually nothing for them to set up. Literally, it’s a few basic keystrokes and everything is built in. They can actually run their own events from that architecture, including putting a video. It even generates a free website where they can advertise and position and if they’re nonprofit, they pay nothing. If they make a profit, they only allow that company to make anywhere from $1 to $10 nevermore and only if people are buying. It saves them a fortune and it is a real solution. These are not the things I teach in my private mentoring. These are things I can give. This is just an example of someone that maybe has nothing.

What would do you have them upload? What kind of things? What’s in their books? What they would say on the stage?

For example, let’s say it was you, Dr. Diane and you wanted to teach them how to do a correct interview and you might provide them with the four or five questions, which always makes sense. Like what differentiates you from any other presenter or trainer, marketer, communicator? That’s the first thing you asked me. The second question might be how do we know that it actually works? Because as Mary Kay taught me, is it easy? Does it work? Can I do it? She said, if you get three yeses, you’ll be a multi-millionaire which I became. I’m not bragging. I did what she told me. She was my mentor, Mary Kay. You would have the four questions and the third question might be, what can you reveal here in less than five or ten minutes that would really make a difference in the lives of those tuning in? It would provide not proof but an actual solution that manifests either money or freedom. Then your fourth question would be, how do we find out more and can we receive free gifts so that there’s an ethical bribe? There’s something they can download either a book or special report or an autoresponder sequence.

That would be an example of you providing a training that you would drive them to, or a two or three or four-week webinar series that teaches them how to articulate, objectify, and translate the answer to those questions. People don’t necessarily know how to answer those questions in a compelling fashion. They don’t know the language, they don’t know the tonality, they don’t know the modulation, they don’t know to how to speak in sound bites. You with your expertise would teach them how to position themselves as an effective, heart-connected interviewer because no one needs to be great. They just need to be heart-connected.

How would they get their people that are in attendance? Would you recommend that they advertise through Facebook or how would they get attendees?

TTL 42 | Enlightened Millionaire Institute
Enlightened Millionaire Institute: Is it easy? Does it work? Can I do it? If you get three yeses, you’ll be a multi-millionaire.

The beauty of Facebook Live is if you truly have something to say and you begin to broadcast consistently and you put up a Facebook page and you actually talk about the time, like I broadcast Pacific Standard Time every Thursday, currently between 3:30 and 4:00,and we do it as a launch. We actually announce it as a formal broadcast, so it’s not random. As a result, every week, the numbers get larger. It’s not just ten or fifteen people, sometimes there are 2,000 people and this is how people build their following. They should do the scene. It doesn’t matter how many people tune in initially, if you create something of value. You’ll capture the heart and mind if you have a compelling hook to bring them in initially. A few people will tune in if they like you and they find it interesting and they’re fascinated. They believe it’ll help them in their life and you speak concisely with actual solutions, the following will build and that’s how you target an audience and build an audience without having to do specific targeting. Either it works brilliantly. Peng Joon, one of my students now has probably 400,000 to 700,000 people that tune into a Facebook Live and I’m not even mentioning the Gary Vaynerchuk and the Tony Robbins.

How do you monetize other than having people pay to tune in? Do you recommend having sponsors like have Zoom pay for it for example?

The structured solution is you’re sending up your private page and through an account, they’re able to make an investment. A fundamental simple landing page. I need to make sure that I’m being legally compliant. I need to make sure that when I give it to you, I’ve permitted to. I’m just being sincere with you. I’m very careful about never misrepresenting or sharing something that isn’t legally compliant. I will have the solution sent you. They will come to you and it will have the links and it will not be a JV link. I will make no money on it because that’s not my objective. You may share it freely with your students.

It’s been fascinating to hear all that you’ve done and what you do for people. I just loved having you on the show. I appreciate all this information. When are you coming to Arizona? I’d love to take you and your wife out for a drink.

Number one, I don’t drink but I’d love to meet you. I don’t drink at all. Never have. I had a martial arts instructor who really acted as my father because my father departed so early in life. I was raised by my mom, which I understand a woman’s point of view because I was raised and I was mentored by women. I was also a woman before I was a man, because it’s one chromosome. I always tell men, “Don’t act like you don’t understand women because you were a woman before you were a man.”

Here is the solution I would recommend that will generate a free website. You’ll be able to collect money, you’ll be able to sell tickets or have people interested in whatever they want. This is what I teach. This is the immediate solution for people that maybe just don’t have any money to work with it. This will get them up and running. Hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity to train them with all my guarantees and actually take if they fail.

Thank you so much for being on the show. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

I really wanted to thank Joel for being on this show. That was so much fun. It was so great to hear all of Joel’s information. Thank you for tuning in and come back for the next episode of Take The Lead Radio.

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Joel BauerJoel Bauer would describe himself as a very simple guy and who teaches people how to do very simple things. He loves what he does and for over 40 years he has been speaking, training and mentoring. He is referred to as the Mentor’s Mentor, as he has mentored over 1,600 of the top income producing speakers, authors and marketers. As a Speaker Trainer, he trains speakers, celebrities and business leaders to communicate from their heart, recommit to living their dream, and close deals with predictive precision. He has mentored, coached and designed branding and turn-key closing presentations for speakers and celebrities, including: Bill Clinton, Francis Ford Coppola, Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, to just name a few. As a branding expert and speaker trainer his clients include: Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Cargill, Disney, Panasonic, Apple, and Motorola. More than 300 millionaires have been created from going through his mentor program.

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