13 Illegal Interview Questions: Do you know what to do?

 Editor Notes: Most Job Seekers have no idea what an Illegal Interview question sounds like. Here is a list of 13 questions that a job interviewer should not be asking you. Remember the purpose of an interview is to get the job. So it is important that you understand how to answer even inappropriate interview questions.
13 Sample Illegal and Legal Interview via internsover40.blogspot.com

In my book How to Reinvent Your Career I write about interview questions you should be prepared to answer. Remember that there are some things that should not be asked in an interview. I think this writer has an interesting take on this situation. . . however, be sure you know that no one can ask you directly about your:

National origin
Marital/family status

For more advice about how to handle these questions, check out an additional article by Monster by clicking here.

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