What is Prezi? How Does it Compare to Powerpoint

I use Powerpoint on occasion.  In fact, I used it for a presentation last night.  However, there is another program out there that could give Powerpoint a run for its money.  If you haven’t seen Prezi yet, I highly recommend checking it out. 

Prezi differs from Powerpoint in that it is a web-based program that allows you to create more of a canvas presentation instead of a sequential slide presentation. Think non-linear. It allows you to incorporate not only text and pictures, but videos and other presentation objects.  You can create your presentation online and then download the final product so that you don’t require an internet connection to display the presentation.

Students and professors can get this application for free.

  • Prezi just got even cooler. (socialfish.org)
  • Prezi Gives Slideshows Polish and Pizazz (ybpguide.com)
  • Hate PowerPoint? Want Something More Portable & Collaborative? Check Out Prezi. (networksolutions.com)

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