Removing Extra Spaces Between Paragraphs

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  1. I have 2 inquiries about the Originality report generated by Turnitin:
    1. If the student submitted his paper and found a high score, then he resubmit it after making small changes, and found the same high score or even more. what is the solution for this case? is it relating to writing skills?

  2. Thank you Dr. Diane. This is a general question, I just need your experiences in cases like that what are your solutions?

    1. I think you need to know whether the faculty set up the revision assignment correctly because if they didn’t it may be comparing your paper as if it is plagiarized from your own work. As professors, we can set up revision submissions that account for initial submissions of the paper. You might need to contact your technical support at your school or the professor if it isn’t working correctly.

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