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New employees go through a process that is referred to onboarding.  This is the time that the company can make employees feel welcome.  It is also a time when they can begin to work on things like creating open communication, sharing a corporate vision, and defining goals. In the article Employee Onboarding, the following list contains high-level objectives of onboarding:

  • Helping the employee to identify with their new employer.
  • Allowing the employee to understand some of the company’s values and priorities.
  • Building an optimistic attitude towards the company.
  • Avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Helping the employee feel valued.
  • Encouraging socialization and creating a sense of belonging.
  • Reducing new employee anxiety.
  • Setting of performance expectations.
  • Decreasing the learning curve.

For more information about how employers and employees can have a successful onboarding process, check out the following articles:

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One thought on “Top Links for Employee Onboarding

  1. Thanks. Some good resources here! I particularly appreciated some of the tips in the CBS News article, “How to Upgrade Your Employee Onboarding”. I’ve been to many new hire orientation sessions and most are quite forgettable. Simply reframing it from “new hire orientation” to “new hire onboarding” can be quite helpful.

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