Authority Pro: Promises More Than the Typical WordPress Theme Engine

 Authority Pro Review - WordPress Squeeze Page Plugin


Authority Pro has positioned itself as a theme engine unlike any other currently available for WordPress.  The intent of the engine is to maximize the ability to have content delivered as needed and to drive conversations.  They offer 24 customizable widgets to increase functionality.

I’ve been reading some reviews of Authority Pro since it debuts today. stated, “The promise of Authority Pro is this: you get targeted traffic, and it’ll work to get you the very best conversions possible, on as many of your pages and posts as possible.  It can continuously split-test for you, so that you’re always finding better and more profitable ways of configuring your site. If you have low levels of traffic, Authority Pro might be critical for you, as you need to really maximize the ROI of each visitor that comes to your site.  If you get moderate to high levels of traffic, then it’s obvious that you have a lot to gain from Authority Pro.” lists the following capabilities as part of Authority Pro:

  • Video Fake Out
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Website Optimizer (split testing)
  • Built In Squeeze Page Graphics
  • Multiple Squeeze Page Templates
  • Aweber & Get Response Intagration
  • Custom Exit Page Redirect
  • Custom CSS Coding

James Morgan at claims he was skeptical about this product due to all of the hype, but found the product to be much more than a theme.  He stated, “It comes pre-installed with a bunch of different squeeze page templates that make your sites indistinguishable from the ones the pros spend thousands and thousands of dollars testing.”

They are offering this product for $97 and you can get it by clicking here.

If anyone has used this and wants to fill me in on their experience, I’d love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “Authority Pro: Promises More Than the Typical WordPress Theme Engine

  1. Product seems great but support sucks… the product comes with no training, no help just the theme …

    They have the nerve to upsell you and training that is not created yet … I guess that is why they wont give you and basic training on how to use the theme.

  2. I hear you Lewis, It seems as if their support has just stopped in the middle of November, and do note that most of the training is just a brief description, with no ins and outs of the features. Shoot I am still working on giving the theme a face lift to include My own header banner, And the sad part is I know it can be done based on the community site, there setting do not allow you to make those changes, without html knowledge. Well I am still waiting to see if I am wrong. Here is the sad part is that I really like the theme, but with no support what good is it?

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